Amazon Textract: Extract Handwriting and Text with Machine Learning

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Optical Character Recognition is useful for scanning documents and other files to identify text and even handwriting. Often with mixed results, OCR returns you the information you scanned, but it ends up not being too reliable. Amazon Textract tackles the same problem but in a different way, by using AWS-level machine learning to analyze data.

Firms these days have been extracting data from scanned documents the old fashion way with manual data entries. This proves to be much more expensive in the long run than it seems, not to mention full of errors. Doing this with OCR is better, but the software requires a lot of tweaking every time a form changes. This is a slow process because there are constantly different documents coming in and the time starts adding up. 

Machine Learning instead of Manual Processes

To completely eradicate manual processes, Textract uses machine learning to instantly read and analyze all documents. It identifies multiple file formats and scans them for text, handwriting, tables, forms, and other data without human effort.

The speed you can benefit from with Amazon Textract is quite a feat in itself. You can start extracting from millions of separate document pages in just a few hours. Captured information then has a plethora of different uses. You can start taking action with other business applications for things like loan applications, enrollment forms, or tax documents. What’s more, you can create smart search indexes for extracted information and use Amazon Augmented AI to incorporate human reviews.

Advantages of having Amazon Textract

Speedy Extraction

AWS machine learning and artificial intelligence are used to essentially read documents with Amazon Textract, just like a person would. It goes through all of the relevant data to find what it identifies as text, handwriting, tables, and forms. You don’t have to customize Textract, have any training in order to use it, or be a machine learning expert. You also maintain the context of what you extract which links to the relationships of elements on every page. These are important for embedded forms and any complex tables, make full use of Textract to understand the situation.

Surpass Optical Character Recognition

Although the technology Amazon Textract is based on is OCR, it goes beyond it by adding AWS machine learning. There is no compromise on the structure of the data whatsoever, everything is also retained while keeping costs low. You also only need to make payments depending on your usage of the service with no contracts or commitments.

Security and Compliance

Textract is compliant in many things to emphasize that it is indeed secure to use:

  • Service Organization Control
  • International Organization for Standardization
  • PCI
  • GDPR

This means customers get more insights into security measures that are being put forward in order to protect their data. Support for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) lets customers avoid using public access and encrypt their data. 

Implement Human Reviews with Ease

Integration with Amazon Augmented AI allows easy implementation of the human review of all data extracted from documents. This is especially useful for data that is extremely nuanced and sensitive in structure and needs that “human” touch. 

A Summary

Amazon Textract is a must when it comes to automating document scanning. The reliable solution has the ability to scour through millions of pages of data to capture and extract information in just a few hours. Implementation is extremely easy and does not require you to have expertise in development or machine learning. You can get started straight away with scanning and extracting information.

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