Manage EV Charging On-the-go with our Mobile App For Electric Car Owners

Electric Car

Electric vehicles are environment-friendly and can save you money. However, electric car owners need to be proactive in ensuring that their car is charged and they can easily locate an EV charging station.

With an electric car charging station software, governments, EV charging station owners and EV charging station operators can leverage customized mobile application development

Before any further ado, let’s start to learn more about how you can make the most of the best app for an electric car charging station app to optimize the power consumption of electric cars. 

Monitor Charging Sessions

With EV charging station software, users can monitor their car charging sessions in real-time to have an estimate of the price and receive notifications when a charging station is free. Moreover, electric car owners can also leverage the best app for EV charging stations to book their spot in the queue if the nearest charging station is not available. 

Locate Charging Stations Near You

The car charging app allows users to search and locate charging stations near them based on location, accessibility, and keywords. This will ensure that electric car owners save time and optimize the power consumption of their cars to drive efficiency for optimal performance. 

Get Station IDs and Buy Credit

To make the usage of your EV car charging software easy, simply give IDs of the allotted docking stations to the electric vehicle charging station app users. The process is short and requires the users to buy credit through the app on a subscription-based model. After this, all your car charging app users can get the credentials to sign-up and use the allotted charging stations without any hassle. Later, users can start the charging session by entering the station ID into the electric car charger app. 

Integration with Payment Gateways

With electric car charging software, users don’t need to worry about payments as the mobile application easily integrates with different payment gateways. Electric car drivers can monitor their charging session in real-time and get notifications on their phone after a session ends. After this, the drivers can make payments through an electric car charger app. 

Keep Track of Billing Through Reports 

With a robust reporting system in the EV charging app, users can keep track of the power consumption and cost to determine the amount spent on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Therefore, drivers can proactively plan the power consumption budget by viewing their payment history through the electric car charging software. 

Get Charging Station Availability Notifications

Get notified when the charging station is available near you to save time. Additionally, users can also set notifications for the time when charging starts, charging completion and unplugging of the electric vehicle. In this way, you will stay updated with all that’s happening at the electric car charging station by leveraging the best EV station app. 

Integration with CRM

Electric car charging station owners can keep track of their customer’s behavior and maintain customer database through CRM integration with electric car charging software. As a result, your team can leverage the CRM data to market the EV charging stations app and maximize revenues. Additionally, CRM will help streamline all business processes, solve customer queries and provide the best customer experience. 

It’s A Wrap!

By leveraging the best software for EV charging stations, you can make the life of electric car charging owners quite easy. Moreover, as a car charging station owner, an app to find an electric car charging station will help track the power consumption of each charging station, process payments, solve customer issues and drive more profits. 

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