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Employee Performance

Are you looking for ways to boost the productivity of your employees? There’s no better way than leveraging gamification of business software to increase employee engagement. 

According to research, 80% of the employees believe that game-based learning is more engaging and conversion rates increase by 7x when companies implement software gamification. 

Now, if you are using SugarCRM for delivering personalized customer experiences and driving efficiency in your business processes, you are already ahead of your competitors. 

However, you can motivate your team to fully leverage SugarCRM by applying game mechanics to better engage your team, maximize revenues and revolutionize your business. 

How Businesses Can Leverage SugarCRM Gamification?

Adding Game Elements

By adding game elements to your SugarCRM, you can increase user engagement and help your team use CRM to fully leverage it in their business processes.

But, how do you go about it?

Simply set ranks and levels against certain CRM functions to motivate your team to give their best and reach to the next level. This broadens the scope of CRM usage by your team. Moreover, your team will think of different ways of using CRM to boost their productivity and drive efficiency in the business processes.

Incentives For Employees

Encourage your employees to use CRM by setting goals entailing CRM usage and rewarding the desired actions. This will make work more fun with challenges at different levels. Break down the goals of the organization into levels, just like a video game. On completion of each level, CRM users can be rewarded with gift vouchers, cash prize, networking opportunities, special training, and trips, etc. 

Intrinsic Rewards with Appreciation Badges 

Build confidence of your employees and encourage their contribution in maximizing the ROI on CRM investment. You can appreciate your employees with badges and recognize leaders amongst different teams. This will also help motivate the best performing employees within a team and rewarding their contribution in making the most of the CRM software. 

Have Friendly Competitions

Make teams and encourage collaboration among team members to compete against each other. Such strategies work well especially for sales professionals who want to win no matter what. Hence, this will encourage teamwork and improve the learning of all the CRM users in your organization. 

Benefits of SugarCRM Gamification

Increased User Adoption

To maximize ROI on your SugarCRM investment, it’s important to make the platform easy to learn and simple to use. Right after CRM implementation, you should put in an effort to train your team to use the CRM. This is where SugarCRM Gamification comes into play as it helps in increasing user adoption rate and employee engagement.  

Furthermore, with SugarCRM gamification, you can ensure that your team makes the most of SugarCRM training so they can utilize all hidden CRM features and optimize daily tasks.

Achieve More Goals

With the culture of rewarding points for employee efforts in using CRM, you can motivate them to leverage CRM to stay on top of their day. For example, giving 2 points on creating a new account in the CRM or a gift card for closing more deals by leveraging SugarCRM. This means your team will focus more on achieving goals which will reflect in higher profits and exponential business growth. 

Encourage Employee Collaboration

With SugarCRM gamification, you can take advantage of the SugarCRM training sessions of employees. By making the CRM usage fun and adding game mechanics to it, your team will be more inclined to collaborate and learn about the applications of CRM in their daily tasks.

The Bottom Line!

Leverage the benefits of SugarCRM gamification to encourage your employees to use CRM by turning it into a game, adding levels and challenges to it, and setting rewards. Additionally, if you want to take your CRM usage to the next level, you can utilize SugarCRM customization services so that your SugarCRM speaks to you and not the other way around. 

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