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Manufacturing Sales Digitally

For the past 18 months organizations have attempted to decipher how to rapidly achieve digital transformation across their various industries: sales, service and marketing. As a result, organizations have been eager to adopt Salesforce integration with business applications allowing them to effectively streamline marketing and sales operations and profitability is expected to increase by 50% in the next 5 years.

Digitally Transform your Sales Process

The digital transformation of your business doesn’t have to be a demanding lengthy task, in fact, the process comprises three key steps: skilling up your people, scaling up your process, and speeding up your revenue.

  • Skilling Up Personnel: This step mainly involves preparing for the future and providing your employees with the right tools to succeed. You must unify all your sales activities on a single platform that can be accessed by everyone, allowing you to boost productivity. Train your employees on how to use conversational intelligence to gain insights from sales calls. Lastly, use machine learning to help prioritize leads and opportunities that are likely to close. Instead of having to analyze heaps of data themselves, they can now prioritize their work.
  • Speeding Up Revenue: Opening up new routes to the market alongside new revenue streams. You want to transform the buying experience by connecting and personalizing touchpoints across the buyer journey. In addition, connect your sales process to a Customer Relationship Management, allowing everyone in the business to rally behind the same customer data. By making a business that revolves around its customers, you can focus on deepening relationships and improving experiences that propel steady growth.
  • Scaling Up process: Making decisions based on real-time data gathered from your channels, products as well as customers. Analyze the performance of your products and continuously refine your sales process to find every opportunity to grow your revenue. Use machine learning to predict how well certain products or services will do, use analytics to connect with the right buyers, and, lastly, use advanced software to take your territory planning out of spreadsheets to ensure you achieve your sales target for the year.

How Salesforce Helps you Digitally Evolve

Customer relationships are key to an organization’s growth, therefore, they must be managed as efficiently and effectively as possible. Salesforce implementation will provide both the sales and marketing sectors of an organization with a view of leads and prospects so they can create and target prospects and turn them into customers. New customers are vital to the continued growth of a business, however, customer acquisition costs can be offset through sales to the existing customer base. This is possible as a result of Salesforce allowing you to prioritize and organize leads that are highly likely to convert and close based on prior customer interactions with your organization. 

Benefits of Marketing Digitally

Digital marketing benefits businesses of all sizes by giving them access to a larger audience at low costs. The benefits of digital marketing include:

  • Global Reach: A website or targeted Advertisements allow a business to reach an infinite number of potential customers
  • Lower Cost: A properly planned and well-targeted digital marketing campaign can reach the right customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.
  • Measurable Results: Measuring your online marketing with web analytics and other online metric tools makes it easier to establish how effective your campaign has been. You can obtain detailed information about how customers use your website or respond to your advertising.
  • Personalization: If your customer database is linked to your website, then whenever someone visits the site, you can greet them with targeted offers. The more they buy from you, the more you can refine your customer profile and market effectively to them.
  • Build a Promising Reputation: By getting involved with social media and managing it carefully, you can build customer loyalty and create a reputation for being easy to engage with.
  • Social Currency: Digital marketing lets you create engaging campaigns using content marketing tactics. 
  • Improved Conversion Rates: If you have a website, making purchases is a seamless process, and visitors are more likely to make purchases.

Of course, large companies have big marketing budgets, but digital marketing provides a level playing field for everyone to operate, be it a large or small business. If you can create high-quality content that answers people’s questions, you can rank for long-tail keywords, which gives all businesses an equal opportunity to flourish regardless of the size of your business.

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