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Salesforce Developer is need of the hour. One of the golden rules of sales and marketing is to treat your customers like a king.  If you really want your profits to increase it’s very important to keep customers happy. Making an effort to customize and improve users’ experience with your business on a regular basis will assure customer loyalty.

Keep in mind the fact that customers really appreciate it if you go above and beyond their initial expectations. Good customer experience will increase brand loyalty and if someone refers your business to their friends that will further promote your brand. Returning customers keep the revenue stream continuing, which is why you should put more effort into customer relationships.

Why Should Your Company Use Salesforce

Customer relationship management platforms are one of the most effective ways to improve customer service and retention. Salesforce has had a significant impact on business-to-consumer (B2C) strategy by developing a platform that enhances customer experience. Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform that allows businesses to create apps that are tailored to individual customer interactions. This CRM software aided startups in rapidly scaling and evolving. It all sounds easy and wonderful but implementing salesforce in your company requires few additional personnel. Here comes a salesforce developer who can do this job managing all complicated and technical aspects. 

Salesforce has a market share of well over 19 percent, according to Forbes. Salesforce is now the 7th most demanded position in the IT industry for 2020. A salesforce developer must be knowledgeable in a variety of areas, including data modeling and management, Salesforce and Apex expertise, lightning framework, and communication.

However, due to the large range of Salesforce use cases, the role of a salesforce developer evolves as well. For example, their job could be split between developing mobile or web applications, simplifying system interfaces, and even modifying the Salesforce environment for clients.

hire salesforce
hire salesforce

Role Of Salesforce Developer

A Salesforce developer is a specialist who aids in the implementation of the CRM platform. They are aware of your company’s unique requirements and preferences, and they provide you with an application that meets those requirements. Salesforce Developers can easily and rapidly design and deploy reliable, secure, and saleable cloud apps using the Salesforce platform. Salesforce developers can help you automate business operations, integrate your app with third-party apps, create responsive layouts, and more.

Why You Should Hire Salesforce Developers

Here are some of the basic reasons why your company needs a salesforce developer.

  1.  He is aware of the goals your company wants to achieve and creates apps that are in line with them. They give you tailored services and guarantee that your staff is working with the best tools and features available.
  2. He can assist you in integrating Salesforce with third-party applications that are suitable. Instead of switching between two platforms, users would be able to complete business tasks on a single unified platform. He can further help you use the complete capability of the CRM platform by combining your salesforce database with another application.
  3. As salesforce is a large platform with several features a salesforce developer can help you implement a “Cloud” that is best suited to your needs and requirements. Following are the most popular salesforce features:

Sources to Hire Salesforce Developer

Networking Platform

A professional networking platform will be one of the most effective and trusted sources for hiring Salesforce engineers in 2021. LinkedIn, for example, offers a wealth of choices for finding qualified Salesforce developers. You can look over the profiles of suitable prospects to learn more about their qualifications and approach them if they meet the criteria.


You can always begin your search for a Salesforce developer by looking at the local resources. The age-old phenomenon of word-of-mouth has not yet vanished, and it remains as effective as ever. If you have friends or family in the IT business who can connect you to qualified Salesforce developers, you can interview them and analyze their abilities.

Online Job Portals

Online job Portals have been one of the most popular places to look for qualified candidates in any business. All you have to do is sign up for a job portal, register as a recruiter, explicitly describe all of your needs and accept applications as they come in. It is crucial to remember, however, that accepting applications from this source would necessitate successfully shortlisting the individuals and interviewing only those who are highly competent to join your firm.


Upwork, Toptal, and PeoplePerHour are just a few of the platforms where you may find a large number of developers willing to work for you. Consider them a list of candidates from which you can choose the best one for you based on your requirements. At first appearance, this appears to be a solid choice. Keep in mind, though, that freelancers aren’t totally committed to your organization. They are most likely to complete a project before moving on to the next client.

Types of Screening to Hire a Salesforce Developer

When choosing a Salesforce developer, it’s always best to be specific. Salesforce is a rather specialist technology that undergoes continuous development. As a result, it’s critical to put your applicants through three sorts of screening

Technical Screening

A Salesforce developer’s job entails a lot of technical work. Always double-check that your candidates are technically qualified and capable of landing a job as a Salesforce developer. Only hire people that are familiar with tools and technologies such as, Lightning App Builder, Fuel, Heroku, and others. 

Resume Screening

When a recruiter is looking for a Salesforce developer, a CV is frequently the first thing they look at. Make sure you thoroughly review every résumé you get, double-check the claims made, and narrow down the candidates accordingly. It is recommended that you hunt for notable credentials in the resumes to make your assessments easier. A Salesforce certification is arguably the most respected credential for Salesforce experts. It gives your candidate an official mark of approval for their skills if they are a Salesforce certified developer. Always give Salesforce-certified candidates the upper hand.

Screening by Personal Interview

When hiring most IT workers, this is frequently the final stage of screening. This is where you interact with the candidates in person and make judgments about their knowledge, skills, and attitude. It is usually advisable to strike a balance between judging their technical skills and their behavior, whether you are doing an on-premise or remote interview. During an interview, a candidate’s demeanor is typically predictive of their mood during working hours.

Choosing the Right Salesforce Developer

  • The candidate should be able to build apps on the Salesforce platform, set up security on the platform, construct permission sets, and use the lightning app builder and its components after earning this certification.
  • The certification covers all of the fundamentals for Salesforce developers that have little to no experience. You can expect your candidate to know Apex, SOQL, Lightning Web Components, Salesforce administration, and more with this certification.
  • Certification can be found in applicants with more than two years of experience. This certification requires candidates to have shown knowledge and experience with the Salesforce platform and data modeling, as well as advanced Apex skills.

Industries Using Salesforce

inhouse promote
inhouse promote

Salesforce is the world’s most popular cloud computing and customer relationship management (CRM) service. Its implementation has a massive impact on your team’s working life and business relationships. Salesforce assists in customer management by providing readily available data, allowing for continuous productivity and efficiency gains. Industries using Salesforce CRM

Industry Solutions Offered By Rolustech

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Financial Service Cloud

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is meant to enable financial services companies such as banks, insurance agents, mortgage and lending organizations, wealth management advisors, and others to unleash customer loyalty and link everything around the consumer. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud helps customers:

  • Understand customers better
  • Increase customer engagement with intelligence
  • Unify the customer experience
  • Bring insurers and policyholders closer together
  • Simplify the mortgage lending experience
  • Streamline the mortgage process
  • Make smarter and faster client decisions

Manufacturing Service Cloud

In late 2019, Consumer Goods Cloud was released at the same time as Manufacturing Cloud. It was created to assist those working in this industry in “creating deeper links across the whole value chain.

It helps businesses to:

  • Visit the right stores at the right time
  • Accelerate in-store productivity
  • Increase audit accuracy with AI
  • Maximize in-store sales with mobile order capture

Consumer Goods Cloud

Salesforce Consumer Good Cloud was created to allow enterprises in this industry to focus on their purpose while Salesforce takes care of the complexities, security, and compliance issues. This cloud aids in:

  • Infrastructure dedicated to the task and continual monitoring
  • Third-party evaluations of compliance
  • Datacenter security and more

Philanthropy Cloud

Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud was created to assist businesses to achieve their corporate social responsibility goals while also increasing their workers’ personal impact. This cloud is designed to assist enterprises in the following ways:

  •  Measure their social impact at a glance
  •  Instill a culture of impact
  • Help employees find causes that need their help
  • Customize their companywide philanthropy experience

Government and Aerospace Cloud

This cloud was created to allow enterprises in this industry to focus on their purpose while Salesforce takes care of the complexities, security, and compliance issues. This cloud aids in

  • Compliance
  • Third-party evaluations
  • Datacenter security and more

Health Cloud

Health Cloud is a newer addition to the Salesforce Cloud family. It is designed with providers, payers, pharmaceuticals, and medical device suppliers in mind. Health Cloud improves outcomes for organizations in the health sector by helping to:

  • Take care of the person behind the patient
  • Build trust with every member
  • Enable faster innovation and drive better outcomes

In House Vs Outsourced Salesforce Developers

In partner, end-user, and ISV firms, a Salesforce developer is the most common employment role. The need for specialists is increasing, and the debate over in-house vs. remote Salesforce developers continues. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to selecting the best alternative for all businesses. Each of these two types of collaboration offers advantages and disadvantages for your business.

You can view the working process at any time when you have internal Salesforce developers. They also know the ins and outs of the industry and can better comprehend your needs. Furthermore, in-house professionals can recommend Salesforce enhancements and extensions that are tailored to your company’s culture and goals.

On the other hand, you can hire competent Salesforce developers from anywhere in the world who have worked in your industry before and can produce outstanding solutions on time for a lower price.

Working with a remote Salesforce development team, on the other hand, can bring with it issues of transparency and security. In this situation, you’ll need to decide on a reporting system, meeting schedules, and specific access.

The dismissal of team members is one of the most significant risks of having in-house Salesforce development employees. After spending time and resources creating a team of Salesforce experts, any one of them could leave at any time, requiring you to rehire.


Benefits of In-house Salesforce Developers

  • Employees who work on Salesforce in-house have a better understanding of your company. They can continuously alter the functionality of your Salesforce platform and improve internal business processes.
  • If you need to make minor technical modifications to your Salesforce CRM, you can always turn to your company’s developers, who will make the necessary changes in no time.
  • Internal Salesforce specialists refine their talents from the start, becoming high-level, tightly focused experts. It allows you to expand your Salesforce CRM platform’s capabilities and grow your business.

 Disadvantages of In-house Salesforce Developers

  • A competent in-house Salesforce team requires a consistent income as well as other employee expenses. Furthermore, your developers must receive Salesforce paid certification if they wish to increase their skills and knowledge.
  • Salesforce engineers can work on a variety of intriguing projects. It means that your Salesforce development team can change at any time, and this will have an impact on some Salesforce CRM procedures.
  • Forming a professional Salesforce development team takes a long time. Each employee should possess a unique set of hard and soft skills as well as experience. In turn, given the high demand for competent developers, you must provide appropriate working conditions and a competitive salary.

Benefits of Remote Salesforce Developers

  • Depending on geographical costs, hiring a remote Salesforce development team can be substantially less expensive. For example, excellent Salesforce specialists from Eastern Europe are substantially less expensive than those from the United States. Furthermore, you won’t have to spend money on providing them with office space.
  •  It’s a clever timeline. Competent Salesforce specialists operate remotely, following a defined technical specification and delivering outcomes on time. Furthermore, when working with a remote development company, you must pay once the project is completed.
  • A crew with much experience. The Salesforce remote team is made up of folks that know the platform like the back of their hands. They usually specialize in a wide range of Salesforce services and can provide advice on specific Salesforce challenges and modifications.


Disadvantages of Remote Salesforce Developers

  • When you hire a remote Salesforce development team, you can’t completely supervise the development process and ensure that everything runs smoothly. 
  • When working with a remote Salesforce development team, you provide them access to your CRM platform, which contains all of your company’s data. You must sign an NDA with the development team to avoid information theft.
  • With a remote Salesforce development team, you may encounter misunderstandings due to differences in geography, language, and culture. Meetings can be scheduled and proper instruments can be used to save the situation in this event.
In house
In house


To summarize, finding the right candidate, regardless of where you start your search (Upwork, LinkedIn, Salesforce AppExchange, or your local recruiting channels), is largely dependent on how well you first understand who you’re looking for, as there are many roles and complexities to working with the platform.

The need for salesforce developers is expanding at a high rate. Rolustech is an official Salesforce Consultant and Salesforce Implementation Partner firm and has completed several projects in Salesforce Integration, Salesforce Customization, Implementation, and provide you with the best tailored CRM Solutions, Industry Solutions & Plugins. Get in touch today for a FREE Business Analysis session!