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Upgrading the e-commerce platform of businesses is a critical task to do. Because the forefront platform is the reflection of the business. Because that eventually shows how they have positioned themselves, what they choose to show to the customers and how well they are managing their business.  

An e-commerce platform is the first instance where businesses can make or break an impression towards their customers and that first impression narrates their experience throughout. That’s why the decision to change the platform is always challenging. There are a few things that should be kept in order to make a change such as platforms that are changed must align with the business strategy, user experience services, and operations.

Magento Open Source

It was stated that millions of businesses around the globe use Magento Open source. Magneto’s first product was developed in 2007. The platform was accomplished compliant, and of course free of cost. The businesses that use Magento open-source transact millions of dollars in online revenue. But meanwhile when businesses expand their operations or online products that have to decide whether or not to upgrade to Magento commerce. There are five main reasons why one should upgrade Magento from open source to commerce.

Magento Open Source vs eCommerce Features

Magento open source is a feature-rich platform but Magento commerce takes the platform to a whole new level. In comparison to Magento open-source Magento commerce offers dozen of new features. Some of the features are more significant to the business than magneto open source.

Most successful businesses use Magento Page Builder, which enables easy content generation and modifications without the need for a developer. Additionally, the Staging and Preview tools now allow store administrators to plan ahead of time for sales events and content rollouts, saving time and effort. This includes importing products on a set schedule.

Some of the additional features of Magento commerce are listed below:

Cloud Readiness

Magento Commerce offers a native cloud solution that includes the Magento license, infrastructure, and other requirements like a content delivery network (CDN) and performance monitoring tools. Magento Cloud is a very popular offering, with enterprise cloud investment expanding at more than six times the rate of general IT spending.

Integration with Adobe

The acquisition of Adobe with Magento in 2018 brought both ecosystems to close together. Because adobes digital platform delivers end-to-end commerce and marketing solutions, there is a substantial long-term change. Adobe product integrations with Magento are created and released at a very fast pace that’s why it is important to understand adobe’s product integrations with Magento. For example, adobe stock works for both magneto with both open source and commerce but adobe Sensei product recommendations are available for Magento Commerce.

Integrating advanced AI capabilities into Magento commerce will benefit the business in a variety of ways like cost savings as dependence on third parties will be reduced. However, businesses will value options to examine their own business needs and tailored solutions. To that objective adobe provides a lot of products than adobe Sensei integration options. These products are likely to be available for Magento commerce but not for magneto open source.

B2B Hybrid Commerce

In order to incorporate online commerce, b2b is rapidly adopting a marketing and delivery strategy. according to Forrester’s research, the US b2b e-commerce market would be worth $18 trillion by 2023.

Many important b2b functionalities such as account hierarchy or quotes are already included in magneto eCommerce. Other significant features, such as custom workflows, are believed to be in Magneto’s near-term delivery plan. All of this points to Magento Commerce being a good fit for B2B and hybrid merchants.

Customer Support and Account Management

Magento Commerce provides much-needed service-level agreements and patch support to growing businesses. While availability and reliability may not be a top priority for early-stage businesses, as their businesses grow and become more complicated, they must prioritize them, but not at the expense of security and scale. It’s critical to have a tried-and-true platform and a staff of engineers monitoring and servicing each business all year long.

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