How To Hire AWS Developers

How to Hire Aws Developers

In the world of Cloud computing, Amazon Web Services dominates the cloud computing market. AWS powers thousands of businesses worldwide. AWS’s Dominance in the field has resulted in a high demand for AWS Experts or even entry level associates. If your organization is seeking to hire and retain an AWS expert, you must understand that certification must not be a deciding factor. In fact, the ideal candidate must not only have technical knowledge but a deep understanding of AWS as well as heaps of experience.

What are Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services is a comprehensive, cloud computing platform developed by Amazon, offering organizations with tools such as Compute power, Content Delivery services as well as database storage.

Along with its wide range of valuable tools, the highly profitable division of Amazon provides its users with a plethora of services:

AWS can be broken into three main products:

  • EC2 – Amazon’s virtual machine service,
  • Glacier – a low-cost cloud storage service
  • S3 – Amazon’s storage system.

Why You Might Want to Implement AWS to Benefit your Business

For businesses eager to launch their services or products online, AWS streamlines the process. If your business operates with large amounts of data or you have cloud based development projects an AWS developer may be extremely beneficial, providing increased efficiency, cost savings and easier scalability. Some of the largest platforms in the world like Instagram, Netflix and reddit are all using the AWS platform.

What do AWS Developers do and Why Might It Be Beneficial Hiring One

An AWS developer is an expert who works with software’s or programs within the Amazon Web Services cloud-based platform. Their primary function is to optimize how an organization uses AWS services. The list of these services varies from content delivery and writing code to data storage.

By hiring personnel with a deep understanding of AWS’s products and services, you can optimize your business processes as well as maximize the advantages provided by AWS.

A task AWS developer are well versed with is the deployment of web applications. Although there are several ways to deploy an application, an AWS developer suggests the most effective and efficient course of action. They ensure the organization’s cloud storage is always updated to the latest version. In addition, as AWS developers are well versed with the AWS Security Model, they are able to swiftly fix common bugs and issues that arise in AWS. Lastly, AWS experts are also able to identify and operate foremost databases, an essential part of every application, helping the business find which database service is the right one for their application. This prevents businesses from implementing the wrong database resulting in a hindrance in the applications growth.

How to Hire the Right AWS Expert

When starting your recruiting process, you will look for a cloud architect with an understanding of the key processes, latest trends and best practices when working with AWS, however, your primary focus should be on if the individual not only has knowledge of the product but also the ability to effectively apply it.

The issue arises when you have job candidates who have the correct certification but lack the right experience. Although they obviously have sufficient knowledge the problem is that the knowledge may only be theoretical and not practical, which may be sufficient for entry-level positions but it will not be viable for a lead role.

In addition to ensuring the type of knowledge and experience your candidate has, you should also consider the fact that some vital skills can’t be taught in a certification program or gained through a previous job. Even a job candidate with hands-on experience is not necessarily ideal, because an AWS developer must be more than an IT person.

Although, Technical depth may be essential, communication skills are equally important. An AWS Expert must be able to listen to and interpret customers to describe their problems and help them understand the proposed solutions. Solving customer problems is probably a considerable part of the job that you want to hire an AWS expert to do.

Therefore you need someone with a remarkable problem solving ability as well as creativity. Those who think creatively tend to solve problems in innovative ways. However, these traits are not easily recognizable and may require you to inquire about the applicant’s past job experiences. An AWS developer must also recognize the value and need for constant learning as the world of technology constantly evolves. Lastly, as being an AWS expert means juggling a myriad of responsibilities, emails, and meetings it is essential that the applicant has good time management.

With the help of cloud computing, companies across various industries have reduced costs, increased flexibility, and productivity. AWS as the fastest evolving cloud platform on the market entails businesses to interact with their partners and suppliers in seamless, organized ways, resulting in a drastic increase in the demand for AWS experts.

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