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For all Sugar users looking for a Human Resource (HR) solution inside Sugar, we have gathered all you need to know on the HR module in Sugar. This post aims to answer your questions like; Does SugarCRM present an out of the box HR Module in Sugar? What capabilities does this module have? Can SugarCRM be used as a complete HR solution by your HR department? If yes, how? Would I need a custom solution for HR in Sugar?  Hopefully by the end of reading this post you’ll have answers to all these questions.

So before any further ado let’s get to work.

Employee Module in SugarCRM

SugarCRM does provide an Employee Module inside Sugar which provides several functions for HR. It allows you to see a list of all your employees including their contact information, their employment status and who they report to; etc.

It can be accessed by clicking on your user name as shown below

HR Module in SugarCRM

Capabilities of Employee Module:

Once you are inside the Module, there are two functions provided here including Creating Employee and Viewing Employee. There are several ways to do this which can be found here. In this module you can also update, delete or edit employees. Take a look at this screenshot

HR Module in Sugar

This takes us to our next question!


Can SugarCRM be used as a complete HR Solution for Your Company?

The answer lies somewhere between yes and no. It totally depends on the scale of your business.

Usually, in smaller companies with 10-20 employees, you can pretty much do everything with this module. But once you start to grow beyond this, you feel a need for a complete HR Module in your SugarCRM to provide you with several other capabilities needed to run your HR.

Most companies which use the Employee Module as a complete HR solution face difficulties. This includes giving their HR managers ‘admin rights’ which has other unwanted consequences. Similarly, there are many useful functions which are completely unavailable in the Employees Module.

But here’s a catch! Remember SugarCRM is one of the most customizable platforms available in the market today? So there must be a way to customize SugarCRM to include an HR Module.

In fact, there are three ways to use SugarCRM as an HR system which will be discussed below but first, let’s see what an HR Module entails.

HR Module in SugarCRM/SugarCRM as HRM System

Many ERP and CRMs out there provide separate modules for a company’s HR department. This serves several human resource management related functions including payrolls, planning, development, administrative tasks, hiring and much more.

Benefits of HR Module

  • The HR Team can have a panoramic view of the whole company
  • HR can clearly view the performance of employees
  • The reporting hierarchy can be defined
  • Employee Data is kept up-to-date in a central location
  • Data can be easily pulled for reporting
  • The higher management gets a clear view of the employees’ performance
  • Tracking of daily activities of the employees

So now we know what we are trying to achieve in Sugar’s HR Module, let’s see how SugarCRM can be leveraged to provide this comprehensive solution


How to use HR Module in SugarCRM

  1. HR Plugin Solution
  2. HR Integration
  3. HR Custom module

1. HR Plugin for Sugar

The first way is to look for an HR Plugin solution to be used with Sugar. A custom HR solution for SugarCRM is finally made available.

This plugin takes care of Employee Management, Recruitment Management, Performance Monitoring and Reporting. In fact, this plugin lets you perform all daily HR tasks.


 2.HR Integration with Sugar

The second way to get an HR Module in Sugar is to have your existing HR system integrate with Sugar provided that it has available APIs. This method usually creates a Custom module for that particular application software inside your Sugar from which you can easily access all the HR functions available in the application.

Why is this method preferable? It helps your team with improved data accessibility, time saving, improved productivity, one-stop platform and helps them avoid redundant data entry.

Let us know about the software you want to integrate with Sugar and we’ll get back to you

 3.HR Custom Module in Sugar

The third way to utilize HR Module capabilities is to simply get a custom module made specifically for your HR. In order to provide the most individualized CRM, SugarCRM provides a basic framework on top of which custom modules can be created. Can you do this yourself? Yes, provided that you have a dedicated certified team of SugarCRM developers.

Customization can get tricky and may cause design headaches for your business down the road. So it is often left best to the experts.

Our professional team comprises one of the largest pools of award-winning certified SugarCRM developers having the exclusive expertise of SugarCRM customization.

Get a FREE consultation session to know the most optimal HR solution for your business


HR Module in Sugar

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