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Magento Order Management Rolustech

One of the fastest-growing business operations in the world is the eCommerce industry. The fast-paced, globalized world today requires consumer products to be available to customers at the click of a button. This makes the eCommerce business competitive, where vendors strive to provide unique and convenient solutions to make for better customer experience.

Magento is one such eCommerce platform that strives to provide its users with a wide range of services and extensions to enable an efficient eCommerce experience for them. With its robust features, businesses can set up their online stores with fully optimized content for maximum benefits.

One of the key features that help Magento stand out is the Magento Order Management. For businesses with multiple brands, sites, or warehouses, the order management system allows for a seamless and efficient business model. As a result, the customer experience is also made smooth, leading to greater retention.

So what features cause the Magento Order Management to stand out when it comes to delivering an amazing shopping experience? Let’s find out!

Easy Catalog Management

The Order Management system allows catalog information to be automatically imported into the platform with the help of a standard message update. It also users to be able to manually request the export of the catalog from the Magento Commerce platform. At the same time, the export can be requested automatically and sent to subscribers. 

Every product in a Magento store is assigned a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) for managing the inventory. The order management system allows these SKUs to be imported from the platform with identifiers and also supports different types of SKUs, such as Physical, Service, Virtual, and Bundle. Additionally, products that do not hold any stock value, such as services, are also allowed to be recorded.

Keep Track Of Inventory

The availability of centralized inventory information in Magento O

rder Management makes it easy to consolidate information across several warehouses, source stores, and distribution centers. The availability of a certain product from various sources is easily identifiable and has a single SKU assigned to it. The platform also allows for orders that are currently in-flight to be reported, so as to ensure that they are not sold accidentally. A snapshot of the in-flight orders is also taken to keep the inventory up to date. All this is done in order to maintain an overall view of the global inventory across all channels, which would allow vendors to make decisions regarding their product availability.

Flexible Omnichannel Solutions

With the help of Magento Order Management, users can turn stores, suppliers, and partners into mini-distribution centers. The store inventory is made available to the customers which can allow for flexible purchasing options. These options can include a ‘ship from store’ option, where physical stores can fulfill an online order if the warehouse is out of stock, or a ‘ship to store’ option where a product can be brought to a physical store and is picked up by the customer. In either situation, the ease and flexibility of the customer are given prime importance. The ship from store option allows for a faster shipping and low-cost solution. 

The backorder option in the Order Management System lets users sell products that are not in stock, from the warehouse. In the event that a backorder for a product is underway, the customer is informed. Additionally, carrier management allows the integration of the Order Management System with the user’s preferred shipment carrier software in order to manage the ship from store orders. 

Seamless Customer Service

Magento Order Management makes for easy customer experience with a real-time view of the inventory available to the customers. The interface of the system is also easily manageable when it comes to customer orders. Users can access the details of all orders from the ‘orders’ view and track the progress of each transaction. This information can be used to resolve customer queries efficiently.

The order details available include a details section, which has the basic customer information, such as the billing and shipping address. The payment details offer a snapshot view of the order total, the amount due, and payment method. The post-sales section keeps track of the transactions that have been just completed, and a history section shows timestamped order details, with room to make comments.

All these features allow users to quickly get to know the customer when it comes to dealing with issues like modifying shipping addresses, generating refunds, and dealing with product returns. 

Keep It Monitored

For the users, the Order Management System also provides tools to keep the business well-monitored in order to prevent any major transaction issues. Internally, the system carries out 24/7 monitoring to ensure that critical business rules are being implemented. Any troubleshooting assistance required is also given, and any broken processes are reported to the relevant party. The account manager is also on-call 24/7 to resolve any critical issues that may arise.

How Can We Help?

Magento proves to be one of the most well-equipped eCommerce platforms out there. Rolustech offers Magento users the ability to enhance their business output by a Magento CRM Integration. Rolustech also provides Data Migration and Customization services for users to easily make the integration happen. By leveraging both, the benefits of the Magento Order Management and CRM, push your business gains to your personal best!

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