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Gone are the days of switching between your emails and your CRM with Collabspot in your hands. Collabspot is a popular sales communication platform in which the main focus is integrating SugarCRM with Gmail. This allows you to create contacts, accounts, and tasks from inside the mail client and then immediately start chasing those opportunities and closing those deals. It is the perfect tool for using Sugar alongside Gmail. 

This is where the fate of Collabspot takes a turn, as the service is now coming to a close, but only in name. The service is ending support by November 16th, 2020, after this, the product will no longer be available and will not receive any further updates. This is where Sugar Connect comes into play. Sugar Connect will essentially absorb Collabspot and resume its operations where it previously left them off. Existing users of Collabspot will now have to move their email sync process to Sugar Connect before the end of support date.

The reasoning is that Collabspot is based on Google’s now outdated technology, and the shift to Sugar Connect will be extremely beneficial to users. There will be no additional licensing costs and the only prerequisite for the shift is that you must be on the current version of SugarCRM (8.0 or above). After this is done you are well on your way to reap the benefits of using Sugar Connect, which is a more enhanced solution as compared to Collabspot. Sugar Connect will synchronize the data between G Suite and Office 365 with, Sugar Serve, Sugar Pro, and Sugar Sell, this will make it a unified platform. 

Sugar Connect Features

  • Sugar Connect Portal: The website where the rest of the following features are set up and managed.
  • Sugar Connect Sidebar: The sidebar is a panel in Gmail or Outlook where you can work with any Sugar records relevant to your email and calendar contacts.
  • Email Archiving: Creating email records and then relating it to any other associated records found in Sugar.
  • Email Templates: Use email templates from Sugar instance without leaving your Gmail or Outlook.
  • Send Later: Schedule a date and time for the future to send email messages.
  • Email tracking: Allowing tracking on your emails to check on the number of opens, click-through rates, and replies, either on Sugar Connect Portal or in the Sugar Connect Sidebar.
  • Sugar Connect Meeting Scheduler: Create unique links that you can share to let others know how available you are, to schedule a meeting with you, and then automatically record the meeting in your calendar.
  • Record Sync: The side by side sync process will share data between Sugar and Google by having any change occurring in one record immediately update the other. The sync types present are task sync, calendar sync, and lead sync, and contact sync.

With the switch from Collabspot to Sugar Connect, you will have gained a more customer-oriented focus via a more accurate view of customer records and visibility in different Sugar modules from your mail clients. This will help nurture your customer relationships and is called the 360-Degree Customer View. This is helped by making the customer management process more organized via bi-directional synchronization between Sugar and Gmail or Outlook. This will ultimately streamline your communication and will improve customer retention.

How you communicate with your clients on G Suite or Office 365 also plays a role in the collection of insights. Sugar Connect will personalize your email experience by gathering information based on your audience, the email content, and whether it is you sending or receiving an email. 

That’s a Wrap!

The gist of everything mentioned above is that, once Collabspot becomes unavailable, you will not miss out on its features, as any data synced in it will be migrated to Sugar Connect. On top of all that you will experience an upgrade in every way as Collabspot’s feature set will be assimilated into Sugar Connect. Interested in what other features SugarCRM already has? Rolustech is a Sugar certified partner and has a fleet of Sugar Certified Developers, who will be happy to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us.

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