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Finding it hard to customize your SugarCRM? Or simply not sure how to go about using integrations? Well, we’re here to tell you that there is now a more feasible way to increase the serviceability of your SugarCRM without getting into the nitty-gritty of integrating various third-party software. Underneath the Rolustech umbrella, we have made available a large number of powerful plugins that will complement SugarCRM. You will be able to conduct your business processes with ease and let the plugins do the job for you in most cases. Its usage will be plug and play, meaning no complications and tinkering with different applications. 

We did the breakdown, and here we have for you a curation of the top 3 RT plugins that are a must for your business.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

RT Salesmap

One of the most useful plugins we’ve created. RT Salesmap has arguably one of the most useful features. It can create a visual representation of your SugarCRM records based solely on data provided by Google Maps. With the heftiest mapping software out there now available within your CRM, RT Salesmap will draw data from three of your modules. Data will be drawn from Accounts, Contacts, and Leads and the results on the map screen will be tied to the addresses listed in these records. Even the location pins are color-coordinated for your ease of use.

A rainbow of sales

  • Red for Accounts
  • Green for Contacts
  • Blue for Leads

Map features that are a must are already built-in and ready to use. Plotting a route does not require you to open Google Maps on the side anymore. With that feature embedded into the plugin, you can now select your path by simply selecting the source and the destination. With the source being the address of the logged-in user. Adding Google maps in SugarCRM is now made easier, you do not have to be a developer to be able to do so.

If you want to be territory specific, you can use the radial search feature which will enable you to highlight all the accounts, contacts, and leads in a specified distance in Miles (or Kilometers if you’re in Europe). You’ll find this handy when creating target market lists for geographical campaigns. 

RT Telephony

No need to buy expensive hardware for your sales team to make calls to leads anymore. With RT Telephony, SugarCRM will be able to handle anything associated with sending and receiving calls. You will have the option to use both Twilio and your existing number, depending on the context of the call. Also, once you are done with a phone call, a recording of it is saved within SugarCRM and kept in your records to either be accessed later for review or to clear up any discrepancies.

Can’t find a piece of paper? With RT Telephony you now can make notes on the spot when it is most needed. Notes you make will be saved against the same call that you were on so that everything is nice and organized. 

Now you might be thinking that calling is not the only form of communication or it may be that they are busy. This is where the SMS feature shines, text messages are also displayed in the plugin. Once there you can simply type your message to send an SMS directly via your SugarCRM. 

Everything will be archived of course. Therefore, the means to review activities and calls are available for you to access at any time. 

RT GSync

RT GSync is our award-winning plugin which is the best solution for syncing all your data from Google’s main services. The sync process is autonomous but also has a few options before you get started. The process can be either a two-way synchronization or a priority-based one. In priority-based synchronization, a change can only be synced from one source, that is, either from Google or from SugarCRM. Essentially you will have the freedom to choose the sender and the receiver in this case. In two way sync, any change you make to either platform will result in the other one being updated on its own.

The services you can sync with using RT GSync are:

Calendar Syncing

Calendar syncing will enable you to keep any important dates in check. Changes that you make in one platform’s calendar will be synced to the other. Say you have to schedule a meeting and you do so on SugarCRM’s interface, you can now check the changes you’ve made when you’re not at work on your smartphone’s calendar application. The same is true for any tasks that you have coming up. The process is also instantaneous, appearing on the other platform in a flash.

Contact Syncing

There may be an issue of importation when it comes to contacts, but with RT GSync this will become obsolete as the entire process is automated. Phone numbers, addresses, and other contact details will be transferred seamlessly from either platform. A single click is all it takes to keep your contacts up to date on both platforms.

Email Archiving

Whichever mail client you do end up using, be it SugarCRM’s or Gmail’s, email archiving will be initiated on both. What’s more? The synced data will be linked to corresponding records in SugarCRM, leading to a history of correspondence. 

Google Drive Syncing

Any data on Google Drive can be accessed via this plugin. Documents present there will be available to view inside of SugarCRM, as well as any amendments made to the files will also be present on the other platform instantly. Whether you prefer to make edits inside SugarCRM or inside Google Drive itself, that’s your choice. 

Summing Up

Each of these plugins is a gateway to a more efficient business process. Just individually these plugins can automate so much of the work. If used in unison, the process will be so streamlined that you’ll hardly ever know what’s happening at the backend. These 3 were also just a taste of what is available, there are a plethora of RT plugins at the ready that have all sorts of business applications. 

Rolustech is a SugarCRM Certified Developer & Partner Firm. We have helped several firms with various Sugar Migrations and Integrations. Get in touch today for your FREE Business Analysis. We will be happy to assist you!