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What Is Heroku? 

Heroku, a subsidiary of Salesforce is created with the intent to help build, run, and scale different applications. It is a cloud-based solution that supports multiple programming languages. This makes it a solution compatible with the formats of different applications. Different Heroku products include Heroku Platform, Redis, Postgres, Teams, Enterprise among others. 

You must be wondering why we are telling you about a platform that seems to be more useful for the techies? Well, the answer is simple: Heroku has got solutions for both developers and business managers! You can use Heroku to fine-grain the mechanisms and controls of your existing applications and increase the agility and efficiency of your business management technology. 

Together with SalesforceCRM and Heroku, you can get optimal business solutions for your company in a jiffy. 

Create Powerful Customer-centric Applications 

A customer-centric approach is necessary for sustained business growth. By using Heroku with Salesforce, you can get powerful customer-centric solutions. The best part is that these applications utilize data and information from both Salesforce and Heroku. You do not have to move across platforms to accomplish tasks. 

Data synchronization across platforms 

You can build applications that share data with your Salesforce. The bi-directional data integration allows you to create applications with unified databases. What’s more, these applications can be created with little or no coding. The accounts, contacts, and other customized objects would be replicated in the applications! 

Apps that Span both Heroku & Salesforce

The combined capabilities of Salesforce and Heroku makes for a powerful application setup framework. For example, you can combine the power of Salesforce Lightning with Heroku while building applications. This means that apps that connect your data to customers can be built as easily as writing SQL! 

Secure and high compliance Apps 

Heroku ShieldConnect is a specialized Heroku feature that allows you to share the sensitive data in your Salesforce instance with maximum security. You can thus extend your CRM to the applications built through Heroku without worrying about the safety of your data. 

Shield Connect allows you to build specialized applications for different industry-related solutions as well. For example, you can build health care, education, or non-profit related applications. Here, the power of Salesforce Education Cloud can be leveraged to increase the relevance of your applications. 

Simplicity and Scalability

The simplicity and extendibility of applications developed through Heroku are awe-inspiring. Developers can use their favorite languages and technology stacks to develop extremely dynamic applications. These applications have been proven to meet the demands of the most demanding and high volume applications. 

Utilize Heroku Connect 

Heroku connect, as you might have noticed until now, is the pivot that will hold your application development together. Let’s see how it makes the process seamless and effective. 

Point & Click Configuration 

You can set-up Heroku applications through simple click configuration. It is so easy that both developers and business users can set the configuration in motion! Select the Salesforce fields you wish to map in your application- they would be automatically replicated. 

Integrate Processes, data, and interactions 

A variety of methods can be used to tie Heroku into Salesforce with the Lightning Platform. Different batch processes are also available. The integration process is automated. Once completed, you will immediately see fields and data in your applications! 

Gain more with Heroku Postgres 

Heroku Postgres is an SQL database. By using Postgres you do not have to worry about data management while making new applications or scaling up existing applications. 

Extensive Automation 

You can orchestrate extensive automation to create, maintain, and monitor sync operations. It is also to automate repeatable processes. This functionality makes the development process seamless and easy. 

Optimal Developer experience 

The developer experience is Heroku has been optimized to maximize their comfort. Developers can set up detailed logs, notifications, and replication features across different platforms. 

Deliver Outstanding B2C Solutions 

Salesforce and Heroku provide solutions for all levels of users. You can get solutions for Start-ups, small businesses as well as big enterprises. The best part is that the apps you create come with high scalability potential; small solutions can be scaled to the enterprise level. 

Salesforce Industry Solutions Offered by Rolustech

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That’s A Wrap!  

Salesforce is a premiere CRM. It allows you to manage your customer relationships effectively. The marketing automation and sales optimization offered by Salesforce drives higher productivity and profitability. With Heroku, you can dramatically expand the functionality of your Salesforce and build an array of amazing applications. The applications will enhance the functionality of your CRM and allow you to deliver high-level customer-centric solutions.

Salesforce Essentials is now an affordable option for small businesses. Salesforce Cloud computing further adds to its appeal. If you are curious to learn more about Salesforce’s multiple editions or wish to understand how Salesforce corresponds to your unique needs, feel free to reach out to us at Rolustech! 

Rolustech is a Certified Salesforce Partner and Consultant. We have helped numerous firms with Salesforce customization and integration. Get in touch for a FREE Business Analysis and hop on to Salesforce.