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Salesforce is traditionally seen as a CRM for big companies because of two intertwined reasons. The first reason is that Salesforce comes with a complex and exceptionally sophisticated architecture; most smaller businesses think that they do not require such an extensive setup. The second reason is obvious. Salesforce is a premium solution and the cost of buying and implementing it is exorbitant. If you have not taken to Salesforce because of either of the two reasons: we have some good news for you. Salesforce is now an accessible option for small businesses! 

You would be wondering how this is possible? Don’t worry this blog covers all the potential questions simmering in your head . Salesforce Essentials is the version of SalesforceCRM that is available for small business owners. It is a budget-friendly edition and ideal for a team of around 10 people. You can acquire all the essential Salesforce CRM features and a few others that are relevant to your business from the options on display. 

The Basics of Salesforce Essentials 

Salesforce Essentials is ideal because it is highly scalable and extremely secure. You will become a part of an ever-growing ecosystem and can access a variety of applications through Salesforce AppExchanges. Salesforce essentials will give you access to the key CRM features that will enhance your company’s performance and boost growth.

Let’s look at some of the concrete ways in which Salesforce Essential would assist your small business. 

Sales Optimization 

Small business owners have to wear many hats at the same time. This will change will Salesforce because now Salesforce will be shouldering your burden. The sales console will list all the incoming leads. You can learn everything about the prospect and also identify the route a particular lead followed. You can use the sales console to track meetings and calls. In fact the whole trajectory of the deal would be available for you. Salesforce Mobile App can be used to dive into your console and close deals. New cases are instantly created so every department can see the updates. 

Marketing Automation 

Marketing will no longer be a complex operation for your company. The marketing automation in Salesforce allows you to test your materials beforehand. You can easily build nurture campaigns for specific customer bases. Attracting more customers is no longer a mysterious process, you can view the potential demographics and regions in your marketing dashboard. The success of campaigns will also be automatically configured into your platform. 

Salesforce AppExchange 

Salesforce AppExchange will allow you to get access to thousands of additional applications to optimize your business processes. You do not have to go to a third party to find those apps, all of the applications would be available in the AppExchange. You simply have to choose from the vast listing in Salesforce. 


According to the Salesforce website, the subscription charges for Salesforce Essential are $25 per user per month. You can buy the subscription for additional features if you want! However, this is solely dependent on the specific needs of your business. 

Salesforce Services Offered by Rolustech

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Why Salesforce Essentials?

You must be thinking: Salesforce Essentials is an attractive option, but what are the benefits I will gain from adopting it? We have some stats for you. You are guaranteed to see a 32% rise in leads and a 26% increase in closed deals. Simultaneously, your customer satisfaction is expected to rise by 26% while the ease to integrate newer applications will jump by 36% percent. These figures are exceptional and might be higher for your business. Let’s look at what these stats mean in terms of experience!   

A Simple Setup for All of Your Needs 

Salesforce Essentials is equipped to handle all the needs of your small business through a simple setup. The unified interface and specialized dashboards give you real-time insight into all business processes. This is further complemented by the optimized ecosystem that is provided to all Salesforce users. You can get Salesforce support from the Salesforce community of developers. The community is spread all over the world! The Trailblazer community on the other hand is ideal to develop skills and gain Salesforce training from groups in your own city! The option of Salesforce Cloud ensures that you can start using Salesforce immediately without the hassle of on-premise deployments!

Sell More in Shorter Time

Sales funnel optimization and marketing automation means that you save a lot of time that is spent performing the same tasks manually. This means that you can sell much in less time and multi-task along the way. 

Provide Outstanding Customer Service 

Customer questions can be responded to by the Salesforce automated pages or machine responses during non-business responses. You can easily increase the speed of your response rate with Salesforce. It can further be utilized to keep detailed customer profiles and history of interactions to ensure that whenever a customer returns you are prepared to keep them engaged and satisfy their needs based on past experience. 

Ensure Smooth Growth  

Salesforce paves the path for greater growth by not only giving you the tools to increase your sales and profits but it also gives you the opportunity to embrace the incoming growth. You can so that through easy scalability that comes with Salesforce. 

Our Two Bits!

Salesforce is a premium CRM. The essential features of Salesforce are repackaged for the use of small business owners. Salesforce Essentials will optimize your business processes and ensure sustained growth. Interested in learning more about Salesforce Essentials? Reach out to us at Rolustech! We have been in the CRM industry for almost 12 years and would be happy to assist you in taking the best decision for your company. 

Rolustech is a Certified Salesforce Partner and Consultant. We have helped numerous firms with Salesforce customization and integration. Get in touch for a FREE Business Analysis and hop on to Salesforce.