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Today companies struggle to keep up with swathes of data accumulated across multiple platforms. This abundance creates more confusion than clarity. Companies have to constantly work out new methods to gain insights from the ever-burgeoning data. SugarCRM has been consistently trying to bridge this gap. The business analytics option in SugarCRM was present precisely for this reason. More recently, Sugar has integrated Artificial Intelligence in its CRM platform to deliver a more intelligent solution to your data management woes. 

The incorporation of artificial intelligence, however, is not simply a step to improve the data management of your business. It comes with the added benefit of enhanced marketing strategies, optimized sales plans, and effective work processes. The result is a repackaged and robust CRM solution that prepares you for the future. 

Let’s take a look at all how artificial intelligence will augment your SugarCRM’s performance. 

Give Meaning to Your Data

Data without insight is of no use to anyone. Statistics show most data collected by CRMs becomes obsolete in a short period. According to one study conducted by Dun and Bradstreet, 91% of CRM data is either incomplete or missing while 70% of the same data becomes useless within a single year. What do you do in such a situation? Sugar by leveraging AI ensures that the meaningless humdrum of data is imbued with meaning and logic. The AI technology in Sugar and the subsequent machine learning consolidates data by relying on both external and internal sources. This tremendously expands your decision-making horizon since you know that the predictive analytics and forecasting shared by Sugar is not limited by the data in your CRM. 

Optimize Business Processes 

The performance analysis metric defined by individual companies can sometimes be limited by its scope. This is because it is difficult to align the metrics with the best practices in the industry when one is not aware of those practices. Hit-and-miss methods are tested consistently before optimal strategies are devised. This process eats away at your company’s valuable time. However, Sugar’s AI-powered predictive intelligence can sharpen your focus. Sugar will help you identify the most optimal and effective pathways across departments such as sales in marketing. It gives you a thorough cost and benefit analysis and identifies risk factors. Sugar will further identify wasteful work processes and suggest optimized and advanced workflows that will push your company’s productivity to a new high. These options help you to strategize with a vision. You can plan and put your best foot forward. 

Deliver Specialized and Effective Marketing 

Sugar claims that the integration of AI and machine learning in SugarCRM will give you 81% more accurate prediction. This is a tall claim but one that is made on the back of actual data. The predictive analysis and foresight provided by Sugar will enable you to deliver near-perfect marketing campaigns. You can read the thoughts of your clients before they have uttered the words. This power will not only enable you to create rousing marketing campaigns but will also enable you to segment your target audience effectively. You can create specialized and niche marketing plans to draw in a greater audience. 

Amp up your Conversion Rate

Analytics in CRM comes with many benefits. However, an AI trained CRM will top it. It enables you to reroute the queries of potential customers to relevant teams and individuals. This automated process will reduce time relays and you can provide the most appropriate responses in little to no time. You will not only be able to amp up your conversion rate but also increase the customer retention rate. You can further optimize your feedback loop by feeding automated responses to frequently asked questions. Sugar can run an algorithm to identify these questions. Timely and valuable responses can push your closing rate higher. 

Figures provided by users of Sugar’s AI technology, support this point. It is said that conversion rates have gone up by 80% while retention rates have risen by 52%. These are dramatically favorable figures and no company will miss the opportunity of clinching such a deal. 

That’s A Wrap! 

Sugar with its highly customizable CRM platform and easy deployment mechanism was already an ideal option for many. However, the addition of AI to its arsenal makes it an even more lucrative option. You do not need to worry about the monetary cost and technical expertise required for AI integration– you only need to adopt Sugar and reap the benefits of this cutting-edge technology. Sugar as a CRM is constantly evolving and its quarterly updates ensure that your CRM is abreast of the latest technological developments. The updates resolve issues highlighted by previous users. Similarly, a thriving global community of Sugar users and developers can help you whenever you are in deep waters. 

Other benefits include a robust Sugar Mobile application. You can increase the functionality of your CRM by integrating with multiple third-party solutions. All in all, Sugar will transform your business and take it to the next level. If you are interested in Sugar, you should check out the vast collection of plugins offered by Rolustech. We are official SugarCRM Partners and would be happy to provide any support or assistance required for your Sugar implementation. 

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