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Salesforce is a premiere customer relations management solution provider for users across the globe. Salesforce is geared towards the provision of unparalleled cloud services for its CRM users. The benefits of Salesforce Cloud are considerable. The most obvious one is that your company no longer needs on-premise deployment. The updates and upgrades can also be executed through Salesforce Cloud Services. In addition to the Integration Cloud, you can leverage several other Cloud services offered by Salesforce including Manufacturing Cloud, Health Cloud, Education Cloud, IoT Cloud among others. Thus, the Integration Cloud will let you bring the seemingly disparate elements of your business together. Meanwhile, you can make the best of the cloud service mentioned above.

Let’s look at what Salesforce Integration Cloud has in store for us! 

Layers of Salesforce Integration Cloud 

Integration Platform

Companies struggle with streamlining all the platforms they are using. This leads to several problems such as an inability to move data and information across platforms. Issues within data are one thing, this making project management a tedious and time-consuming task. The integration platform in Salesforce aims to resolve this issue. It gives you the ability to connect data, devices, and applications. It does not matter if your target application, data, or device might be present on-premise or on the cloud; Salesforce’s integration platform supports all kinds of formats. This considerably enhances your marketing, sales, and service synchronization leading to great lead management 

Integration Builder 

The integration builder gives you unique and previously unexplored features. Your admins can now enjoy a single, unhindered, view of their customers from any and every Salesforce. This means that the Salesforce deployment version is no longer an issue. Furthermore, the same view can be generated for different networks. What’s more, all of this can be accomplished without any kind of coding! 

Integration Experiences 

The result is that your company can automatically build fully personalized end-to-end journeys for your clients. The customer journeys would be mapped across all departments such as sales, marketing, service, and commerce among others. A good example would be your ability to convert information from the commerce platform of your Salesforce Lightning to the Salesforce service platform. All of these processes are automated and you never have to leave your console to migrate data. 

Salesforce Customization and Integration Services

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Benefits of Salesforce Integration Cloud 

Salesforce Integration Cloud provides an excellent infrastructure to integrate and streamline all the processes that are scattered across your organization. 

Deliver Optimized Customer Service Through Task Automation 

Legacy tools are still widely used to manage customer relations. The process of setting up forms and streamlining information is tedious and time-consuming for such companies. More than that, their processes exist at a fundamental disconnect from their customer data. The integration cloud rectifies this situation. The Lightning Flow introduced in the Integration Cloud is adept at building guided pathways through a variety of visual tools. These processes are cognizant of the existing consumer data. Thus, they are inherently dynamic and versatile. The resultant agility and automation will catapult your company to a plane of higher productivity and functionality. 

Ensure Smarter Application Implementation with Einstein 

Salesforce Einstein has been hailed as a game-changer because it utilizes artificial intelligence to promote smart learning and machine learning in your CRM. The integration cloud helps you to directly embed AI in the applications developed or customized by your organization. You can access the added capabilities because of AI and enhance the overall functionality and service delivery of your applications. 

Enhance the Developer Experience

The developer experience has been made easier than ever before. Developers no longer require extensive coding to embed artificial intelligence in their customer’s applications. All the demands can be executed using clicks. 

Third-party App integration is Made Easier 

Third-party integrations are central to the provision of any good CRM experience.  With Salesforce Integration Cloud these integrations are going to be a breeze. These applications can be accessed from within Quip and are also directly available in Salesforce AppExchange. You can now perform a variety of functions from the comfort of your Quip software. 

Our Perspective

Salesforce CRM is brilliant at providing agile and efficient solutions for all of your CRM related needs. The Integration Cloud further increases the capabilities of your Salesforce CRM by making it faster, more synthesized, and friendlier to adaptation and artificial intelligence. In addition to the features highlighted above, Salesforce is an excellent provider of Industry Vertical Solutions. You can aim for marketing excellence through Salesforce Pardot and Social Studio. Similarly, Salesforce 20 release adds a variety of new features in the Salesforce portfolio. Interested in deploying Salesforce to transform your business? Reach out to us at Rolustech. We have a dedicated Salesforce team and are fully equipped to handle all of your needs. What are you waiting for? Book a free consultation today! 

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