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Marketing can make or break your company. You have no cause to worry. With RT Mautic Connect you can oversee scintillating marketing campaigns. RT Mautic Connect is compatible with any CRM, especially SugarCRM. You can use it to leverage the best and most effective marketing plans. 

What is RT Mautic Connect? 

Mautic is an open-source marketing automation platform. RT Mautic Connect is a PlugIn that connects your SugarCRM with Mautic. It is an incredibly useful tool to get a holistic view of your company’s marketing from within your SugarCRM. You can use Mautic to create a singular marketing platform that tracks leads and website traffic. Your marketing can be enhanced by leveraging reports on the performance of your campaigns from SugarCRM. Together Mautic and SugarCRM can transform your marketing plans and give you a secure channel to run highly impactful and specialized campaigns. 

Leverage excellent Marketing through RT Mautic Connect

Let’s take a detailed look at how RT Mautic Connect will optimize your marketing in SugarCRM.

One platform for all your marketing needs! 

RT Mautic connect is a game-changer for your business as it provides a single platform for all of your marketing needs. It not only gathers marketing intelligence for you but also automates marketing processes for your business. You can stay on top of your campaigns and build highly innovative strategies through the insights provided by Mautic. The tracking codes provided by the platform will allow you to closely monitor campaigns across platforms. You can optimize your plans by identifying patterns and analyzing the response of your customers. Similarly, it is great at conducting multi-channel campaigns. Through marketing automation, you do not have to worry about performing repetitive tasks ad nauseam. Mautic is a perfect tool to generate reports and maintain a feedback loop that is essential to the running of successful campaigns. 

Never miss any emails with bidirectional email archiving 

Email marketing is an essential part of any company’s marketing efforts. RT Mautic automatically archives both inbound and outbound emails. You will never miss out on only any potential lead through the dedicated archive created by Mautic. The archive comes with bi-directional synchronization. This means that you can open and access all the emails from within your CRM. You can then direct them to the respective teams and respond to clients at a quicker pace 

Nurture and secure more leads

Eventually, your company’s marketing plan aims to generate, score, and nurture as many leads as possible. Mautic optimizes the mechanisms required to achieve these goals. You can effectively manage your leads by creating predefined templates for the categorization of leads. These templates can be generated using several filters such as the type of actors involved, expectations, and behavior of the potential clients, the point of contact among others. The only thing your team has to do is to establish the criteria and the viola, the rest of it is automated. This process of categorization will ensure that you can nurture your leads most appropriately and effectively. An optimal response from your side will lead to a higher closing rate.  

Build better reception with unique landing pages 

Through RT Mautic Connect you can create attractive and unique landing pages for your potential clients. The landing pages will be directly linked to the Leads module in your SugarCRM. This will ensure a smooth lead tracking process. 

Monitor traffic on your website 

This plugIn will further assist you in monitoring your website visitors. You can make your website more effective and it’s content more informative by getting a better understanding of the website traffic. Mautic will assist you in creating engaging content so you can systematically convert the traffic into leads. 

Track your progress & execute innovative marketing strategies 

With SugarCRM’s support, improvising and innovating your strategies is no longer a tiresome task. You can constantly improve and enhance your work by viewing reports on your marketing initiatives from within your SugarCRM. The reports will allow you to not only learn more about your customers but also gauge the efficacy of your existing marketing practices. Mautic establishes a feedback loop in real-time. This considerably reduces the margin of error and prevents fallout from unexpected changes. 

Our Two Bits! 

RT Mautic Connect will ensure that you are always prepared to meet the needs of your clients. It will give you the tools to help the mind of your clients. Most of all, it will help you to align the vision of your company with the clients’ expectations. Wait no more and get this excellent tool now! Set up a call with Rolustech today and transform the way you market your products and services. If you wish to explore other integrations and customizations o for your SugarCRM, we would be more than happy to explore suitable options for you. You can also choose from our wide variety of other plugins that can be used to considerably enhance the functionality and productivity of your CRM.


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