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The Salesforce CRM platform comes well equipped with the best features developed exclusively to provide its users with the most convenient ways to run their businesses. As one of the leading customer relationship management platforms, Salesforce provides businesses the ability to seamlessly organize their business possess, keep their employees working efficiently, and enhance their customer relations by building lasting relationships with them.

None of this can be achieved without the ability of the Salesforce platform to be tailored and modified to serve the needs of its users. The convenience of integrating third-party applications with the platform is one of the biggest ways that users can personalize their CRM and get specific functionalities that do not come with the out-of-the-box solution.

In order to facilitate users with third-party integrations, users are given the opportunity to integrate easily via the Salesforce AppExchange. As an enterprise marketplace, Salesforce AppExchange acts as a convenient means of integrating a wide variety of applications offering various functionalities ranging from easy commerce solutions to video conferencing abilities, email integrations, and much more.

In order to get the best of the Salesforce AppExchange, users must be able to navigate the platform well enough. Let’s dive in to see what Salesforce AppExchange holds in store for its users!

Basics of Salesforce AppExchange

The AppExchange offers users of the Salesforce platform some of the best cloud computing applications and consulting services. Users not only have the choice to install and use an application, but they can also contribute to the diverse range of applications available by creating as well as publishing them. 

For the purposes of creating apps, a user could share the customizations they have made for their own CRM platform, ranging from custom dashboards, custom tabs, or objects, on the AppExchange platform. Users can also register and publish an app on the platform, which may include a short demo that explains the functionality of their product. 

As for the installation of the applications, users can review a fully functional demo of an application of their choice after browsing those available in the library, and should they approve of the app, they can install and deploy it in their own Salesforce environment.

Salesforce Services Offered by Rolustech

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Salesforce AppExchange Solutions

Salesforce AppExchange offers a variety of solutions to its users in order to facilitate them with their day-to-day operations and is not only limited to integrations. Users have the option to try out any of the following solutions before actually purchasing and deploying them.


The bulk of the Salesforce AppExchange platform contains ready-to-use, pre-configured solutions offering functionalities that are not present in the default Salesforce CRM platform. These solutions could range from apps to components, bolts, flow solutions, and Lightning data.

  • Apps: Apps come in either free or paid forms and are pre-built and pre-tested solutions that could easily be plugged in the users’ existing CRM. These apps are categorized according to the solution they provide, be it accounting, project management, mapping solutions, and much more. 
  • Components: AppExchange also provides Salesforce customers with pre-built components, for example, several pre-defined lightning components are present at the platform ready to be deployed. These additional components can be added to Salesforce Lightning with a simple drag-and-drop feature, without having the need to involve any developers. 
  • Lightning bolts: Lightning bolts are industry solution templates, built by multiple partners, that help users get their product to the market faster. These may contain a comprehensive system of components, communities, and applications all seamlessly integrated together in the CRM platform.
  • Flow Solutions: Flow solutions include process automation workflows that are easily configurable and are also pre-built solutions. Users can add them to their own workflow modules without any need for development expertise. These flow solutions can seamlessly integrate into the workflow process without much effort on the user’s part.
  • Lightning Data: For pre-made, scalable, and approved data solutions, users need to look no further than the Lightning data solutions. With the help of Lightning data, users can carry out data operations such as filtering, scoring, and removing duplicates automatically, without putting in the manual effort to do so. In this way, automation can easily help users save time spect on mundane tasks and use their labor efficiently.

Industry Specific

The AppExchange platform allows users to search for industry-specific solutions so as to address their exact needs. The platform contains components, apps, bolts, and flow solutions all tailored specifically to cater to the requirements of various industries. With respect to the healthcare and life sciences industry, for example, AppExchange contains a myriad o useful solutions, such as applications for ventilator monitoring or population screening solutions. In this way, businesses can sift through the endless solutions available on the platform by specifically looking into their relevant industry and therefore, get just the right solution they were looking for.

Certified Expertise

Apart from its role as a marketplace, AppExchange also assists Salesforce users by providing assistance in choosing the right Salesforce partner or consultant to leverage their expertise in deploying Salesforce solutions. The consultants tab on the platform enlists certified Salesforce experts which can be contacted should the users need any technical or industrial expertise.

The Bottom Line!

Salesforce AppExchange is a comprehensive solution made to address the needs of its users who wish to expand their CRM functionalities beyond the out-of-the-box solution. With various solutions available, both industry-specific or otherwise, users have their fair share of choice when it comes to integrating solutions. Rolustech is a part of the Salesforce consultants list present on the AppExchange platform and is ever ready to provide its expertise to Salesforce users.

Rolustech is a Certified Salesforce Partner and Consultant. We have helped numerous firms with Salesforce customization and integration. Get in touch for a FREE Business Analysis and hop on to Salesforce.