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Finance companies are one of the leading users of Customer Relationship Management software. And when it comes to selecting a CRM system, Sugar is a popular choice as it empowers financial advisers with a collaborative platform to meet the burgeoning expectations of clients. We know this since we have been working with financial services firms for over a decade, delivering them the perfect Financial CRM solutions. Rest assured, quality is something we never compromise on. Business comes and goes but integrity stays forever.

Let’s walk you through some of our success stories from the finance industry in which we put our clients’ success on an even higher trajectory with CRM in Financial Services.

Texas Tax Group

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The Texas Tax Group was established in 2007 by a group of former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditors and today it is recognized as one of the leading state tax consulting firms in Texas. The Texas Tax Group specializes in managing state tax audits for businesses and CPA firms.


The firm had served approximately 500 clients and the numbers were continuing to grow, making it apparent that the Texas Tax Group was in need of software to manage its growing database. As a result, the company had already developed a basic CRM model which was delivered to Rolustech in order to be modified according to the needs of the Texas Tax Group.


Rolustech recommended SugarCRM to Texas Tax Group as it could incorporate the features of the basic model which Ted had presented earlier. Rolustech began by building a custom import process for all the financial data that had been collected by the Texas Tax Group. The next step was to develop an online plugin for QuickBooks, which enabled several integrations to take place such as, two-way data integration between QuickBooks and Sugar. Moreover, Rolustech ensured that the database became more secure by limiting users who could access confidential information.


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Credaris is an independent credit service provider. Credaris offers you safe and easy access to loans. Safe because Credaris offers you reliable advice from experienced and competent loan experts. Easy because, at Credaris, the handling of your loan request is uncomplicated and fast.


Credaris used an old legacy system and excel sheets to obtain potential leads, scrutinize them and pass them onto the banks. It resulted in the business process being highly inefficient. The company wanted to adopt an automated system that would substantially improve its business processes and help it achieve seamless communication between its clients and the banks.


A total of 16 different features were customized and added to SugarCRM to assist Credaris in overhauling its credit management processes.

  • A number of entities were added in the CRM system, the most important ones being Lead Qualification and Risk Profiling.
  • Risk Analysis tool was added in Sugar to determine whether a certain bank would be willing and interested in lending to a lead.
  • An automated process to notify the leads who pass the screening test.
  • Document Management in order to convert all imported data into a PDF document, merge multiple PDF documents, change the ordering of a particular document, zoom and rotate pages and view thumbnails.
  • Email archiving functionality was added.
  • Activities dashlet to show the information of all the user activities.

Realty Shares

Financial Services Industry

RealtyShares is a prime real estate investment platform in the U.S. It is used by investors who are looking to invest in the real estate market as well as for investment managers who are seeking to raise capital. What makes RealtyShares amazing is the ‘access’ it provides, both to investors and those looking for investment. All investment activity happens through the RealtyShares platform thus making the whole process efficient and seamless.


RealtyShares knew that it catered to the Commercial Real Estate market which was equivalent in size to the stock exchange in terms of value. They contacted Rolustech in 2015 when they needed to implement a powerful CRM solution which would be completely molded according to the business processes and serve as a backend solution for their real estate investment platform. Their existing CRM Insightly was unable to cater to their growing demands.


  • Lead Management Solution including Lead Capture and Validation
  • Account and Contact Modules’ Customization according to RealtyShares workflows
  • A complete Document Management system
  • Integration between Sugar and for secure document management
  • Creation of Deals and Properties inside the CRM
  • Setup and hosting on RealtyShares on-site server

Addfin Wealth

Financial Services Industry

Addfin wealth is a financial services company based in Switzerland that offers tailor-made wealth management solution to its clients to overcome the current and future challenges in the financial markets. Its advanced CRM solutions are specially designed for professional investors that expect an institutional standard through their entire investment and working process.


Addfin wealth had developed an industry-specific investment management CRM on top of Sugar Community Edition which clients could use to easily manage their business portfolio and assess the overall market situation, helping them decide which companies to invest in and how much shares to buy. Addfin Wealth wanted to extend the functionality of its CRM software by getting customizations done onto it.


  • Transactions module of Sugar was fully customized. Users could easily pull out shares from one company and invest in another as desired.
  • API integration was carried out so that stock prices could be updated in real time.
  • Customer Orders module was completely customized to generate invoices from within the CRM system.
  • The theme of Sugar was customized for the Campaigns module to make it more appealing for the users.
  • Custom dashboards were built which displayed a company’s performance listed on the stock exchange in the form of charts.

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