The Growth of Cloud E-commerce Innovation

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Before the emergence of cloud-based e-commerce platforms, on-premise e-commerce solutions were in demand. The digitization of enterprises created the need for cloud-based solutions, enabling businesses to outsource their IT infrastructure without investing in expensive on-premise equipment.

What is cloud E-commerce?

Cloud e-commerce utilizes cloud-based technology to handle and store data, manage digital transactions, customer records, and inventory data. The launch of SaaS (Software as a Service), Paas (Platform as a Service), and Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) created a new segment in the market. Since these business solutions were introduced, the segment has seen exponential growth. Historically, Salesforce instigated the Software as a Service business model, by making their software available over the internet in the late 90s.

How is cloud E-commerce helping businesses innovate?

Cloud computing is the catalyst for business innovation and growth in the digital world. In addition to being cost-effective, sustainable, and easily manageable, it enables businesses to streamline their processes. As economies continue to plunge due to the pandemic, cloud e-commerce provides a way out for organizations not wanting to expand their on-premise infrastructure. The agility of cloud e-commerce has significantly reformed business operations, eliminating inefficiencies and letting the business focus on creating value for stakeholders.

Cloud-native solutions along with other applications like AWS or Azure create a digital ecosystem that extends business capabilities in numerous ways. It empowers businesses to collect first-hand data and use it to devise better strategies that result in higher revenue. Cloud-based solutions help organizations save time and focus on other goals by automatically updating themselves.

In today’s dynamic business environment, stakeholders must be able to access data onsite and offsite, cloud e-commerce makes data accessible from anywhere. This provides your business with flexibility to accommodate extra bandwidth requirements rather than going through complex infrastructural changes.

As business spheres become increasingly digital, mitigating data loss has become an integral part of contingency planning. Therefore, shifting to the cloud means your data is no longer chained to onsite computers and in case of a malfunction, the loss can be minimized. Investing in this technology can also help businesses gain a competitive edge and stay one step ahead. It has been reported that investment in the cloud and big data can lead to faster revenue growth.

How cloud e-commerce improves Customer Experience?

Successful brands often drive more revenue by offering tailored experiences to customers. The advent of cloud-based platforms has augmented business capabilities, improving customer experience. Cloud infrastructure has revolutionized value creation, making digital services more stable to meet customer expectations. In today’s time, providing a robust user experience is necessary for customer acquisition and retention. The ability to track the user journey through online tools and formulate strategies accordingly helps strengthen relationships with customers and refine services on multiple touchpoints. Additionally, cloud commerce provides actionable insights that enable seamless and personalized experiences.

Key Takeaway

Using cloud-based services is not only less expensive but simple to implement. Cloud infrastructures are much better for the environment because less hardware is required onsite, consequently reducing carbon emissions. With overhead costs surging, cloud-native services are the way to go, as they are also energy efficient compared to maintaining onsite hardware.

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