Top 5 Magento Extensions to Boost Your Business In 2020

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Magento Extensions

Magento has risen during the past few years to become one of the most widely used online business platforms in the world. The reason behind its huge success is the fact that Magento offers vast compatibility with other third-party applications to maximize the overall functionality of the online store of the specific business. 

The Importance of Extensions for Magento Users

Before we can dive into specific Magento extensions, Let’s discuss what these extensions have to offer for your business. Magento extensions provide a wide range of features so you can manage multiple aspects of your online business like accounts, documents, supply chain, etc, all from a single hassle-free platform. This results in a more streamlined and optimized management of business tasks to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and revenue. So without further delay, let’s look at the top Magento extensions for 2020 necessary for any kind of online business. 


When it comes to Magento SaaS, OneSaas automates your primary business operations by integrating your Magento website with business apps in order to manage tasks like relevant to accounting, e-commerce, billing and invoicing, CRM, fulfillment, inventory management, and email marketing. It is one of the best Magento 2 extensions in the market right now that allows you to connect multiple sales channels to a single account. In addition to this, it also ensures that stock levels are up-to-date. Moreover, It eliminates human error by completely automating the process of data entry. OneSaas automates all the data related to your quotes, orders, invoices, payments, and receipts, including line items, related products, stock updates and customer information using the Quickbooks Extension for Magento. You can now easily integrate Quickbooks with Magento. You find more information on how Quickbooks can revolutionize your Magento store by reading more about it here.

Zoho CRM

Magento is also compatible with the Magenest Zoho CRM integration to your e-commerce store. The CRM segments data into different groups along every step of the customer’s journey from the site visit to checkout. It helps managers to better understand customers and actively conduct various sales and marketing activities according to the requirements of customers. 

It also allows you to connect Zoho CRM and Magento 2 stores to greatly improve customer relationships resulting in more customer satisfaction and more positive feedback. With Zoho CRM, you have access to customer purchase history and other information that can lead to better and more accurate business decisions.


Nosto is another Magento extension designed to customize online product recommendations. This is done by analyzing a large number of data points across the entire online store to ensure that the recommendations are as accurate as they can be and cater to the maximum number of customers possible. This enables business owners to design and launch effective marketing campaigns without the need for technical resources.

Magento OneStepCheckout Extension

Another powerful Magento extension that can get you more sales out of your online traffic is the OneStepCheckout extension. Research has shown that online shoppers tend to abandon their shopping carts because of various reasons like slow loading speed, change of mind, the complexity of filling out forms, unexpected costs, etc. The biggest factor to trigger high conversions is to address the issue of abandoned carts. One Step Checkout is a paid Magento extension but due to its worth, more than 25,000 Magento stores worldwide are using it.

It is available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 platforms. The product is the best seller Magento extension because it is well coded and the legendary support acclaimed by the Magento Community itself.

Magento Google Tag Manager Integration

This extension enables you to keep an eye on your website’s data, all through a user-friendly platform. Magento Google Tag Manager Integration Extension also allows you to manage all your Google Analytics tasks, Adwords conversion tracking, remarketing, and many other operations with immense ease and simplicity.

What’s Next?

We have discussed how you can maximize the productivity of your online Magento store by using the above-mentioned extensions. Although it may seem like an added expense, when you see the huge difference in your sales you will surely realize that all of these are small prices to pay. So when are you adding these extensions to your Magento store so that your business model can work at its full potential?

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