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Addfin Wealth

Addfin wealth is a financial services company based in Switzerland that offers tailormade wealth management solution to its clients to overcome the current and future challenges in the financial markets. Its advanced CRM solutions are specially designed for professional investors that expect an institutional standard through their entire investment and working process.


Addfin wealth had developed an industry specific investment management CRM on top of Sugar Community Edition which clients could use to easily manage their business portfolio and assess the overall market situation, helping them decide which companies to invest in and how much shares to buy. Addfin Wealth wanted to extend the functionality of its CRM software by getting customizations done onto it. The exact business requirements were determined by our experts after holding multiple discovery sessions.


  • Customized Sugar’s Transactions so users could easily pull out shares from one company and invest in another as desired. API integration allowed stock prices to be updated in real time. The entire debit/credit process was optimized and data was sent to sales reps for immediate action.
  • Customized Customer Orders module. Transaction invoices could be generated from within the CRM system.
  • Customized Sugar Campaigns module theme to make it more appealing for the users.
  • Built custom dashboards which displayed a company’s performance as listed on the stock exchange in the form of charts.


A diverse set of customizations were done which enhanced the usability and functionality of the investment management CRM. With information displayed in the form of charts, wiser decisions could be made. The campaigns module was given an elegant look by getting its theme customized. Several impressive features were added which empowered Addfin wealth to utilize its investment management CRM to its full potential.

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