Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Management Consulting


MetaOps is a business management consulting firm located in Livonia. It specializes in providing, on a short-term contract basis, the most Difficult-to-Find ‘Top Talent’ resources on the planet. These men and women, located around the world and often available on just a few days’ notice, are experts in almost every form of ‘Business Process Improvement’ and ‘Operational Excellence’ there is, in every industry one can imagine.


MetaOps was using SugarCRM community edition to acquire new talent and maintain a comprehensive database of every individual. However, an out of the box solution hindered the business from gaining a holistic view of every member who signed up. To go the extra mile, it was decided that some customizations be done to improve the functionality of the CRM and a portal be made where individuals could enter their complete details including skills, qualification, experience etc.


The MetaOps website was integrated with Sugar so it could capture leads from the website.
The default target lists module was renamed Metexperts and completely customized. Tabs such as Business card, Social Media, Certifications, Skills, and Industries were added and pulled information from the custom portal.
A user friendly custom portal was built which allowed individuals to make a profile, upload photos and relevant documents, attach references and schedule interviews. An automatic mail was sent to users who signed up. A dashboard listed all the sections and showed which ones had been completed.
SugarCRM integration with Inbox25, an all in one marketing automation solution to attract, capture and nurture leads.



The enhancements empowered MetaOps to acquire and nurture leads in a more efficient and transparent manner. Employees no longer had to manually enter data in the CRM to create leads if someone filled a form on the website. Emails and campaigns could be run and managed from within Sugar. The portal made it possible to get a bird’s eye view of every potential candidate.

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