Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Credit Management Firm

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Credaris is the largest consumer loan broker company in Switzerland. With a laser focus on customer experience, Credaris offers safe and easy access to loans along with reliable advice from experienced and competent loan experts.

What’s interesting is that Credaris emerged as the most trusted credit service provider in a short span of time and disrupted the loan market. Now, credit seekers don’t go to different banks to look for the best loan offers but trust Credaris to help them secure loans in a seamless manner and free of charge. Their customers simply fill out the webform while the professional agents help them secure the best credit offers by negotiating with the banks.

This sounds like a hassle-free process that has helped Credaris grow its customer base. However, it isn’t easy to execute all the operations smoothly and streamline the business processes. At the back end, there have been a lot of critical decisions, robust business processes and the passion to go the extra mile to have happy customers. So, how did Credaris skyrocket its business growth and deliver meaningful customer experiences?


To get a clear picture, you need to understand the challenges faced by Credaris. Initially, Credaris was using an old legacy system and excel sheets to obtain potential leads, scrutinize and pass them on to the banks. It was working fine until the company started growing.

Soon after, a number of leads started slipping through the cracks and the company wasn’t able to keep track of all the customers, their preferences, loan requests, and credit offers, etc.

Another issue was keeping track of multiple credit requests from a single customer. This involved a lot of paperwork which made it all the more cumbersome to maintain records. Not just this, as for a recurring customer, the company had to create a new record and start the process from the initial phase.


It was crucial for Credaris to take the big step and implement a robust system to meet its customer’s expectations. This is when Credaris and Rolustech had a discussion of the problems that Credaris was facing.

Turned out that Credaris was looking to expand globally and have a solid system that allows them to store data on-site and configure it. After a thorough analysis of the challenges faced by Credaris and focusing on its goals, the team of CRM Developers and Experts at Rolustech came forward with the following solutions:

Data Migration: All their data was migrated to Sugar. Moreover, the team at Rolustech ensured that they build the functionalities of the best loan management software required to improve the efficiency of the business processes of Credaris.

Workflow Automation: Through workflow automation in SugarCRM, the CRM users at Credaris were directed toward the next best possible step based on the current information and status of a lead.

Now, with just a click, a sales rep was able to perform an automated action depending on the business’s needs. This removed the bottlenecks in communication and helped to increase the conversion rate by leveraging CRM as the best loan management software.

Centralized Interface: With SugarCRM implementation, the team at Credaris had a centralized view of all their loan management activities. They were able to streamline recordkeeping by creating accounts for different customers in Sugar, maintaining records and updating customer databases.

Document Management: The team at Credaris enhanced its productivity by having all the documents at a unified platform. Not just the employees, but the agents also used Document Dashlet to easily view and manage different documents. The CRM software also allowed users to drag and drop documents, extract the required pages from a document and merge different document pages which further simplified document management in Sugar.

Lead Qualification Dashlet: To ensure that all the important data regarding a prospect was stored and updated, a Lead Qualification Dashlet in the CRM was created. This allowed agents to call customers and gather information.

Risk Profiling: Risk profiling was also added to the CRM along with a risk analysis tool. This feature in Sugar allowed the team at Creadis to accurately determine and identify customers that were eligible for loans against the specified criteria. Later, the screened leads were automatically notified to submit the relevant documents.

Email Archiving: Email Archiving was also implemented in Sugar via Outlook Plugin. This allowed the team at Credaris to automatically create documents from attachments in email to link with a lead. Thus, it helped to easily retrieve the right information at the right time and streamline communication with the customers.

Maintaining Databases: With SugarCRM implementation, Credaris was able to maintain databases of customers with their personal information, credit requirements, loan preferences, etc. To provide an unparalleled experience to repeat customers, an automatic flow was created to leverage the customer database and provide a quick response. This process helped in streamlining customer journeys and resulted in a seamless cycle for repeat business.

360-Degree View of Customers: There’s no better CRM system than SugarCRM for Credaris as it met all their requirements. Being a user-intuitive platform, Sugar offers endless possibilities for SugarCRM configuration and SugarCRM customization.

Custom Reporting: Numerous custom reports were created to provide the Credaris team an extensive level of information for each data set in a single view. This provided them a holistic view of customers, reduced the staff workload and helped in better decision making.






SugarCRM implementation by Rolustech made it possible for Credaris to achieve its goals, deliver exceptional customer experience to its clients and gave it an edge it needed to stay ahead of its competitors.

From lead evaluation to credit scoring, Rolustech provided a gamut of features in SugarCRM that were unthinkable in the legacy system. Through Sugar, Credaris streamlined its business processes with the best loan management software and saved time and money that went into maintaining the paperwork. With all the customer data in a unified platform, the team at Credaris got rid of the cyclical tasks and manually updating records. This also gives them a 360-degree view of their customers to have a proactive approach and turn credit shoppers into repeat consumers.

Rolustech has helped Credaris to configure SugarCRM to mirror their business needs. We are always looking for ways to enhance the functionalities of their CRM. Consequently, Credaris trusts the capabilities and skills of our technical team and CRM consultants. Rolustech continues to work with Credaris and is committed to providing them support as they expand their customer base and skyrocket business growth.

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