Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Hyvery

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Hyvery works as a SaaS company that develops applications and innovative solutions which help organizations optimize their processes. Hyvery uses cutting edge technology in their products and services and focuses primarily on helping its clients grow by leaps and bounds.


Hyvery was looking for customization in its Salesforce platform. It had multiple clients in numerous countries across the world and was in need of automating a multitude of its tasks with these clients. In one instance, Hyvery needed automation of manufacturing date extraction. Its current process of manually fetching this information was time consuming and inefficient. A customized Salesforce for manufacturing industry would solve these issues for Hyvery. Hyvery also needed to customize Salesforce in a number of other ways to minimize user interaction and maximize automation to improve response times and increase efficiency.


Rolustech put its Certified Salesforce Developers to task and went about finding solutions to all of Hyvery’s requirements, and to provide a customized Salesforce for manufacturing industry. The extraction of manufacturing dates was automated in the Salesforce Cloud of its implementation and the exact same process was replicated in warranty assignment and expiration. Hyvery also required a feature that would allow it to process and execute bulk operations. This is a functionality that is not in Salesforce by default. Certain email workflows were also implemented in different scenarios.



The features, functionalities, and solutions provided by Rolustech were as per the requirements of Hyvery and helped it optimize its business processes. The automation functionalities helped Hyvery in increasing its business efficiency and the bulk operation feature and email workflows collectively improved its progressiveness.

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