Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Energy Sector


HelioTek Corp. is a solar contractor located in Southern California.  They focus primarily on installation and service work for other contractors and have made a name for themselves for quality installations delivered on schedule. HelioTek provides a range of services that span project design, management, and installation.


HelioTek needed a comprehensive system to keep track of vendor, product and customer information as well as stats such as monthly usage, area, service availability, etc. Moreover, they also required an effective lead management solution for acquiring, nurturing and maturing leads along with the necessary means to keep track of the complete customer lifecycle.

HelioTek had been acquiring leads from government and private third party sources. However, their competitors were also tapping into these. To top it off, they were keeping track of the acquired leads using registers and sheets which was proving to be inefficient and counterproductive; the salespeople relied on going through this data when they manually dialed up these leads and as a result, their productivity was being hampered too.


  • SugarCRM Community Edition was implemented as per the client’s requirements.
  • SugarCRM integrations with Lead Exec, Twilio and Avaya Call Center were implemented.
  • RT GSync was installed as a plug-and-play solution for managing documents, schedules, and contacts.
  • A matrix view was implemented for inputting customer data and an algorithm was developed to analyze this data.
  • A pipeline view of the entire customer lifecycle was implemented in SugarCRM.
  • Various workflow automations were implemented.



The CRM was now equipped to assist them in all their businesses activities from identifying opportunities to managing the complete workflows of selling, designing and installing solar panels. Lead Exec streamlined lead capturing and management. The Twilio integration allowed them to call customers directly from Sugar and RT GSync enabled them to sync Google Calendar items and Contacts. They could efficiently input Customer data using Matrix View and the custom algorithm quickly analyzed this to propose client-specific solutions. Avaya allowed for automatic lead routing, resource allocation and rapid customer engagement. Using the pipeline view, sales reps and managers could conveniently monitor each customer’s progress. Workflow automations enabled them to schedule customer follow-ups and send appropriate reminders to Reps and Managers.

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