Salesforce Health Cloud – The next Big Thing in Healthcare World


Being world’s largest CRM solution and cloud computing giant, Salesforce specializes in providing cloud solutions for various industry verticals. These solutions are tailored to meet the customer relationship needs of specific industries like finance, retail, manufacturing, media, government and education. Recently expanding into Healthcare industry, Salesforce has introduced its first patient management system known as Salesforce Health Cloud. Below are some of the key features of this product:

Patient Relationships not Records

The way Salesforce puts it , Salesforce Health Could manages patient relationships not records. As evident from the statement, this solution is primarily focused on engaging and empowering patients. It is the upcoming evolution in healthcare world that allows patients to be an integral part of care process through providing them access to a broad health ecosystem.

Health Literacy

Not only can patients find vital information regarding symptoms, patterns, diagnosis or treatments, the real time communication with professionals as well as access to care plans and recovery tracks improves their health literacy. This improvement lets them achieve better health outcomes which eventually leads to lower number of hospitalized patients.

Care Teams Collaboration

Along with empowering patients, Salesforce Health Cloud provides care teams and health businesses with a holistic view of care world where they can collaborate and monitor patient data in a much smarter way. The system takes care of patient acquisition, clinical check up appointments, hospital enrollments, access to treatment devices and medicines and much more, so that professional teams can focus on patients.

Personalized care

Care providers don’t have to switch between multiple systems anymore as Salesforce Health Cloud integrates data from various existing Health IT systems into one platform. They can prioritize tasks, attend to immediate needs, analyse patient profiles and take quicker and personalized actions. Not just this, the systems helps them identify patterns and segment populations, while forecasting individuals’ conditions and needs and letting them take a proactive approach in providing care.

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