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Marketing is a bridge between consumers and an organization. To enhance this relationship and further strengthen the bridge to these gaps businesses focus highly on marketing and look for ways to increase return on investment through multiple marketing automation platforms. Those companies who are able to get a good grip on these platforms benefit from seeing an average 60% higher lead-to-sale conversion rates.

Having so many options to choose from itself can be a very big headache, you always have the benefit of the doubt that maybe there is something better than the option you are choosing and you do not just realize it yet. Hence, it is important you do extensive research of all options available to you till the extent that you feel self-satisfied you are choosing the best option for yourself. SugarCRM offers and all-in-one marketing automation platform called Sugar Market. Let’s break down this platform to see why many marketing managers are keen to leverage it to help them stay one step ahead of their competitors.

What Is Sugar Market?

For those of you who are not clear about what Sugar Market actually is, let’s look at it in a bit more detail before moving forward. Sugar Market is in all-in-all marketing automation platform that helps streamline all your marketing activities and the all-you-need marketing solution built to work for you by offering different SugarCRM development services. Helping you improve your performance in multiple aspects like attracting more visitors to your website and gaining visibility into how they interact with digital assets. As well as capturing hot leads by creating conversion-focused emails, landing pages and drag and drop builders. SugarCRM has also acquired Sales fusion, whose offering was later rebranded as Sugar Market and has been growing since then. It can be used on its own or be integrated with Sugar or other types of CRMs to benefit your business.

Features of Sugar Market

All Marketing Platforms in One Place

Your team may be finding it difficult to handle different marketing platforms at one time when trying to identify customer touchpoints and how to leverage each one of them. Especially now, when social media usage is at its peak and all touchpoints are changing over small periods of time. Keeping up with this pace and making sure your company is up to date with all updates can be difficult but thanks to Sugar Market you can streamline all your interactions with customer on social media. This will help you schedule posts, manage accounts and even track brand performance resulting in boosting engagement and accelerating customer acquisition.

Effective Campaign Management

Sugar Market allows you to effectively run marketing campaign automations by letting you manage three types of campaigns: single emails, nurture-based campaigns and trigger campaigns. You can save time and optimize your sales funnel by sending automated email campaigns. Creating personalized and tailor made email campaigns is now easier as well, where you can also streamline your email marketing workflow by scheduling emails at the time it may be needed to be sent in the future. This means you have a clear action plan intact for a stable future. SugarCRM customization is also available which helps you create built-in email template and even create your own responsive email campaign. Also allowing you to run a nurture-based based campaign to convert and create campaigns based on your end user’s actions of thought of mind helping generate greater results.

Better Lead Capturing

It is important to understand customer engagement for effective digital marketing automation. In order to understand this better, you should have a close eye on your customer’s journey. Sugar Market helps you do this by letting you track engagement at different stages of the sales funnel giving you a 360 view of your customer’s journey. What’s better it gives you an idea about all actionable insights regarding your prospects interactions with your website helping you streamline account management.

Optimized Lead Nurturing

Automated lead nurturing is a must have if you want to close more deals and improve your conversion rates. Studies undergone by DemandGen show that nurtured leads result in a 20% increase in sale opportunities. Empowering your team with sugar market means they will learn how to send automated tailored messages to prospective buyers for a more personalized customer experience.

Nurturing campaigns are made easy with the drag and drop feature by choosing the mail list from your CRM and then including or excluding people based on their touchpoints. Customization is always a beneficial thing, even in this case, the more you customize the list according to your business needs the better results you will see. Furthermore, renewal of campaigns is made easier by adding a rule or logic related to a specific action.

Lead Scoring for Higher Conversion

Leads that don’t get closed, especially where you have invested a lot of time and effort can be very demotivating for you. That is a feeling Sugar Market’s native lead scoring mechanism will help you avoid. How? Well it allows you to assign certain scores to users based on their web activity, email or campaign engagement. This helps marketers by getting scores on different leads and then planning how much time and effort to spend on each lead according to how worthwhile it will be.

Launch Google Ads Campaign

Need not worry about managing your google ads campaign with Sugar Market. This will no longer be a tension added to the long list of other things you have to worry about. Instead it will help you leverage the platform to see both an increase in traffic and drive more qualified leads.

Optimized for Search Engines

Everyone uses the internet today so the digital marketing era is evolving at a faster pace than ever before meaning it is important to have a website with an optimal load time. If your website is not working properly regardless of using a marketing automation platform, then your business results will be less than optimal. The Sugar Market brings a complete solution to website and SEO auditing showing you your websites performance and areas of improvement. These unique solutions and smarter marketing will help attract more visitors to your website in the future.

What Are You Waiting for?

With its pre-integrated marketing automation solutions, Sugar Market can benefit your business in multiple ways with all the exciting features it has. Leverage it fully with CRM integrations and see your business grow in the matter of no time.

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