SugarCRM Community Edition: All you need to know about SugarCRM CE


SugarCRM community edition, also known as Sugar CE is the open source crm edition provided by SugarCRM and is still among the most popular of Sugar editions. SugarCRM community edition 6.5 was the latest version of Sugar CE after which Sugar switched to a paid hosted environment. But that is nothing to worry about. Sugar CE is still fully operational and is available for a FREE download!

We have compiled everything you need to know about the community edition of Sugar including how to download it and all of its exciting features. We also discuss its limitations and how you can beef up your SugarCRM community edition to overcome them.

sugarcrm community edition

First things first, here’s how we download the SugarCRM Community Edition.

How to Download Sugar Community Edition for FREE

Sugar CE, as mentioned before is still one of the most popular editions of SugarCRM among users and is the best way to get to know SugarCRM better. It is not a SaaS (software as a service) product and is available for you on-premise.

There are many relevant links which let users download Sugar CE and its source code as well. But SugarCRM’s own website is the best and most reliable way to download the open source community edition of SugarCRM.

SugarCRM Community Edition Free Download


SugarCRM Community Edition

SugarCRM Community Edition Installation Guide

Installing your Sugar CE 6.5x is as easy as it can get. You only need to follow these 6 steps to get your Sugar CE up and running.

1. First you will need to install either the Linux, Mac, Window version of PHP, web server, and the database, depending on your requirements.

2. Secondly, you download the Sugar files.

3. Third step involves you copying the Sugar files to your web server.

4. Then you navigate to the php.ini file which is located in your Sugar root directory and set the variables_order parameter to EGPCS.

5. Then you need to restart your web server.

6. Lastly, you install the Sugar Community Edition with the Sugar Setup Wizard.

Complete SugarCRM CE installation and upgradation guide

Features of SugarCRM Community Edition

There are many features of Sugar CE that compelled others to come up with fork versions of it. For example the latest fork version of Sugar community edition 6.5 was SuiteCRM springing up back in 2013 with their open source crm. Vtiger CRM and SarvCRM are other fork versions of the community edition.

The features that make Sugar CE stand out from the other open source CRMs include:

1. The flexibility of the community edition

2. The code structure of the latest editions of Sugar including professional is the same as the community edition which makes it easy to make a switch later.

3. The users own the CRM completely; this includes the hosting, the source code, the upgrades as well as the support.

4. Multiple hosting options including on-demand, on-premise and private cloud.

5. It remains easily customizable

6. Sugar CE is a mobile capable CRM.

The limitations of SugarCRM Community Edition

Yes, there is no doubt Sugar CE does not provide the same level of capabilities as provided by the Professional and Enterprise versions. There have not been any updates after Sugar 7 was released in 2013 and trust me the depth of CRM functionality has surpassed all expectations since then. Today CRM solutions are working on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics to get advanced customer insights and buyer trends in order to stay on top of things

On Sales side: functionalities like Sales forecasting, Customizable workflows and opportunity tracking/management are missing in community edition of Sugar

On Marketing side: While Sugar CE provides all marketing integrations including Hubspot, Marketo, Act-on, capabilities like managing marketing campaigns and marketing reports are missing.

On Support Side: Bug tracking, Call center and knowledge base which make exceptional customer service possible in the paid versions is absent in the community edition.

Integrations: Multiple integrations (including Google Docs, MS Word & Excel) which SugarCRM provides in the paid versions is absent in the CE. That does not mean that you cannot integrate these platforms with Sugar CE. 

Reporting: The latest reporting functionalities are absent in SugarCRM community edition but Customizable Dashboards are present.

How to get the most potential out of your SugarCRM Community Edition

SugarCRM CE can be as effective a tool as you need it to be. It can manage client relationships, grow your revenue, make your sales strategies more effective and give you the best marketing capabilities and delight your existing customers.  

SugarCRM Community Edition Customization

SugarCRM Community edition customization

The default version of SugarCRM CE might not give you the best output as it doesn’t recognize your specific needs and requirements. But you can always customize SugarCRM CE in order to make it fit your organization’s needs like a glove, giving you the best return on your investment.

Clients who have customized the community edition of SugarCRM have always reported the same satisfaction with their solution as paid versions. The most popular customizations of Sugar community among others include:

1. Sugar CE User Interface

2. Sugar CE Custom Modules

3. Sugar CE Custom Reports

4. Sugar CE Custom Relations

5. Sugar CE Custom Fields

6. Sugar CE Rules Implementation

Here is a complete post on SugarCRM Customization

Sugar CE Integration

While SugarCRM CE does not provide the integrations that are available for paid versions including Microsoft Office and Google Docs to name a few. As mentioned above this does not mean that the Sugar CE cannot be integrated with multiple useful platforms.

SugarCRM integration with other platforms makes your Sugar CE much more efficient as now the redundant data entry is easily avoidable. 

Key Takeaway about Sugar CE

SugarCRM Community Edition is one of the most popular open-source FREE CRM which caters to the needs of millions of businesses worldwide. After all there is a reason why SugarCRM still provides this version in the hope that many organizations will later switch to paid hosted versions. But there is a way to get the most potential out of SugarCRM CE. While there are no new updates on Sugar CE it does not mean that it should remain outdated with its default capabilities.

A great number of organizations have reported that Customizing and Integrating SugarCRM CE with the latest platforms (like Gmail, QuickBooks & Twilio to name a few) increases the depth as well as the breadth of its capabilities and makes it the most responsive Open-source CRM to date.

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sugarcrm community edition

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