Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Event Management

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In the summer of 2005, Owen James was established to provide a platform for strategic engagement within the financial sector where visionaries of the industry could discuss and understand the business as well as investment issues that were affecting the entire industry. This would, eventually, enable firms to conduct business in a better manner. To achieve its aims, the company arranges events which provide vision and inspiration for the future.


As an event management company, Owen James was organizing several events throughout the year but the main problem it was facing was that it had to manually create lists to send invites for each event which was costing time, money and effort. Moreover, Owen James’ employees were using raw email and excel sheets so there was the risk of data getting duplicated. Since Owen James had limited staff, this issue of data duplication was huge and had to be taken care of.


Rolustech planned a custom SugarCRM implementation for Owen James. This involved SugarCRM data migration from 20 extensive Excel sheets in the beginning. Rolustech began by moving all the data from Excel to Sugar. Then, extensive deduplication of data was carried out. The data was cleaned to ensure that there was no duplicate data being entered into the CRM system. To help Owen James increase user adoption and get the best potential out of its CRM, Rolustech collaborated with RT Labs to provide on-site training to the firm.



Nearly 100,000 records were migrated by Rolustech within a time span of just 3 weeks. SugarCRM allowed Owen James to send out invites more efficiently. Record keeping was also improved and the need to manually create lists was eliminated completely.
Overall, Sugar enabled Owen James to manage all of its processes smoothly from a centralized platform. Rolustech plans to integrate Sugar with Blaze CMS in the future to put the success of Owen James on an even higher trajectory.

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