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X2CRM is here to serve all your business needs

The availability of open source CRMs at no cost enables SMBs to get essential business functions and tools without paying for them. As a result, businesses can leverage on an open-source CRM to leverage on essential business functionalities such as market automation, process management and much more. X2CRM/X2Engine is an open-source web based CRM solution for sales, marketing and customer support. It provides a fast, modern and compact CRM solution to meet the dynamic needs of businesses in today’s disruptive environment.

Our Expertise

Rolustech is an official X2CRM Partner and has one of the largest X2CRM Customization and Development teams in the world. Our wide experience in X2CRM services enables us to understand your business’s needs and provide an effective solution which meets your business processes. Driven by a passion for customer service, best-in-class quality and a devotion to results, our goal is to consistently exceed each client’s expectations.

X2CRM Customization

Rolustech has complete expertise over the framework of X2Engine. We have customized various Web and Mobile X2CRM solutions for our clients all over the world. We provide out-of-the-box solutions to maximize the effectiveness of highly customizable platform of X2CRM. Keeping in mind the unique requirements of your business, Rolustech provides a personalized X2CRM solution to map your business processes onto the CRM.

X2CRM Development

Rolustech has successfully developed and delivered multiple X2CRM projects for various industry verticals and markets around the world. We provide businesses with real value-added CRM development support to ensure high-level productivity for the customers. The products and plugins we develop on top of X2CRM enhance the overall capability of X2CRM for any business. Our Project Managers, Technical Architects, Software Engineers, Database Developers & Business Analysts are here to develop, implement, automate, support and optimize your X2CRM. From the inception of the process to its post-implementation stages, our team will assist you at every step of the way in order to guarantee you a seamless journey with your X2CRM.

Our Services:

  • Need Assessment and Consultation
  • App Integration with X2CRM
  • Data Migration
  • Training for new X2CRM users
  • X2CRM Cleanups and Upgrades
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