Marketing Automation- Is it just about Automation

Marketing Automation- Is it just about Automation?

The primary objective of a marketing automation platform is to streamline marketing tasks to increase efficiency and enhance productivity. But does it only automate tasks? What else can your business achieve by using this phenomenal software? The op..

Click-to-call feature in SugarCRM

Let's discuss a plug and play telephony solution for Sugar- RT Telephony along with its functionality, its benefits for your team along with answers to all the questions you have ever had regarding a click to call feature in Sugar...

Does your business need a CRM? 10 Warning Signs

There is no wisdom in simply jumping on the bandwagon and investing in CRM technology. You should look for the following ten warning signs which might indicate that it’s about time you get a CRM software...

SugarCRM Click To Call Feature-How Much Time Does It Save?

Adding a click to call feature in Sugar enhances the productivity of users. But how much? We wanted to calculate the exact time this feature saved for each Sugar user when making daily calls. Using the data we also calculated the return on investment..

Calendar Customization in SugarCRM

While all companies using a CRM make use of the built in calendar to plan their activities, very few realize the importance of having a fully customized calendar and the whole lot of value it can add to their system. In this post, we have shared some..

What's New in SugarCRM Version 7.9

Sugar version 7.9 presents a well-balanced set of features from big improvements to UI to changes in the core platform benefiting the end users as well as Sugar developers. The release is finally available for all commercial editions. Let’s see wha..

CRM Implementation Strategy

Enterprises are eager to invest in CRM technology as part of a determined effort to grow their customer base. However, without proper direction and strategy, such initiatives might not bring optimal results and hence a clear roadmap outlining the CRM..

Top 12 benefits of CRM for Salespersons

CRM is used by other departments as well but it must be made clear that it is primarily a sales tool. Once the sales people are given the proper training, they will embrace the technology with an open heart and that will mark the beginning of a new ..

Data Mining in CRM

Although it is still a relatively new technology, businesses from all industry verticals have invested in it to take advantage of historical data. Get a holistic view of the customer life-cycle by using data mining techniques in CRM...

SugarCRM For Nonprofits

A key strength of Sugar is its adaptability as a CRM platform and this is why nonprofits are extending Sugar to meet their unique requirements. See how nonprofits are using SugarCRM to succeed...

3 Tricks to Improve the Speed of SugarCRM Instance

We want you to get the full value out of your SugarCRM and hence we are going to share some insights from our certified SugarCRM experts that are fairly simple and easy to implement and will enhance the speed of your SugarCRM instance...

Common CRM Terms - A Beginner’s Guide

A glossary of some of the most common CRM terms. Once you have gone through this post, you will experience no difficulty in comprehending and speaking the language of CRM...

How to Export all Contacts from SugarCRM?

Today, we will accomplish a very simple yet popular task of exporting all contacts from SugarCRM to your computer in an Excel file. Almost every edition of Sugar exports contacts the same way. The process is very simple and intuitive...

Cloud CRM: Myth VS Reality

Cloud technology has become ubiquitous. While most businesses have undergone the transformation successfully, there are still decision makers out there who get intimidated when advised to make the transition from On-Premise to cloud based CRM. ..