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The importance of using a dedicated CRM for industrial verticals can’t be stated enough. 

Sugar is great at creating unique modules and dashlets to fulfill the specific needs of different businesses. As a platform, SugarCRM is highly receptive to different integrations and customizations making it one of the finest and most adaptable CRM options. Without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look at four major industry vertices supported by SugarCRM.  

SugarCRM for the Healthcare sector 

It is becoming increasingly difficult to run a robust healthcare system without a CRM because of difficulties in maintaining patient histories, appointment records, medical vendor details, and workflows among a zillion other things. SugarCRM can take care of all your management woes. It will ensure streamlined workflows, synchronized data, and top-notch customer service. 

You can easily implement SugarCRM using the cloud-based medical services platform moderated by Sugar experts. Through SugarCRM, you can create separate modules for doctors, patients, administrators, and clinical staff. Each segment of users can access their own portals– all of which are internally linked, to update information and view the patient’s history. The highly customizable dashboard will provide an overview of the hospital administration. This means that they can be automatically alerted if something is amiss. Client histories and appointment details can also be maintained diligently. At the same time, you can digitize and automize the invoicing process by integrating your CRM with accounting applications like Quickbooks

Similarly, hospital inventory details and vendor contact information can be stored safely. You can receive automated alerts whenever supplies are low. Through SugarCRM, hospitals can generate daily or weekly reports to get an overview of everything that has happened in the specified time period. In short, Sugar provides a well-rounded solution for the healthcare industry. 

Use Sugar to optimize your Real Estate Business 

Real Estate businesses have to deal with a number of variable and ever-evolving circumstances. Companies have to manage a variety of vendors, clients, and service providers. For this purpose it is necessary, if not mandatory, to use a CRM. Through SugarCRM, you can easily stay on top of all variables and ensure that you are poised to deal with any challenges put forward by disruptive factors like ‘competition’ and ‘technology.


Sugar gives you the option to create a variety of modules like listings modules, buyers modules, sellers modules, and commission modules among others. You can host all of these modules from a single synchronized interface. This will offer you a birds-eye view of everything happening in your business. Similarly, Sugar provides you with unique opportunities to tailor excellent marketing campaigns and sales plans. You not only automate a number of processes through Sugar and also gain important insights to leverage the best decision making. 

Furthermore, Real Estate businesses can benefit from multiple integrations with SugarCRM. Key examples are Twilio, Google Maps, and Xero. All of these integrations will increase the functionality of your business and reduce the time taken to perform tasks.  

Ways in which legal businesses can benefit from SugarCRM 

Companies in the legal business are caught amidst a never-ending pile of paperwork. It is often difficult to keep track of previous and on-going case proceedings while taking on more cases. On the whole, the company has to deal with a number of stakeholders; partners in the firm, junior associates, and clients among others. In such a scenario, adopting CRM is the best option for the company. It is cost-friendly and will immediately improve the quality and efficiency of the tasks being performed. 

As we saw with the previous two industries, you can use SugarCRM to create separate but integrated modules for clients, employees, projects, and leads. This will immediately enhance the company’s ability to delegate tasks and complete projects. At the same time, managing document trails has never been easier. Through the billing module, you can efficiently manage the outstanding bills by sending reminders to the relevant companies or individuals. 

Sugar’s innovative reports and analytics can help you identify patterns and execute the most reliable policies. 

Manage your Construction company with SugarCRM     

Sugar is adept at offering different modules for construction companies. You can create modules for contractors, vendors, clients, and projects. Creating separate modules allows your company to handle these aspects with the required diligence without missing any detail or information. For example, in your vendor portal, you can organize the information of vendors by using different filters like types, status, history, cost, etc.  

Through SugarCRM, you can streamline your company’s data, stay on top of your contact details, and increase your conversion rate by organizing effective marketing campaigns. Sugar brings the latest analytics options at your disposal so you can run the advanced analysis. This way you can tap into your niche market, increase traction, and ensure profitability. You can take a further dive into the world of Sugar with our Complete SugarCRM Guide.

Final Take away! 

SugarCRM provides great solutions for industrial verticals. The best part is that Sugar’s mobile application is available both for IOS and Android users. You can, therefore, manage your business from anywhere and at any time. Sugar is a swiftly innovating CRM and new updates are released quarterly. Regular updates ensure that the latest technology is integrated into your CRM. This is a great option for customers because they can remain up to speed.  To learn more about how Sugar can be tailored to your company’s needs, feel free to reach out to us. We provide expert industrial solutions.  We are also great at delivering SugarCRM customizations, integrations, and Plug-Ins.

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