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Marketing is one of the most important components of any business. An excellent marketing strategy can increase your brand’s visibility, improve customer traction, and ensure higher profitability. Salesforce equips you with the necessary tools to leverage the best marketing strategy. In fact, with Pardot you can not only automate your marketing plans but also increase the level of synchronization between sales and marketing. 

Salesforce Pardot views marketing holistically. It has figured out all aspects of your marketing plan from lead generation and evaluation to email marketing– Salesforce Pardot has got your back covered. 

What is Salesforce Pardot? 

Pardot is a marketing automation solution provided by Salesforce and is one of the many wonderful tools offered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It makes use of cutting edge technologies to enhance the flexibility of your marketing department. It is a powerful tool to generate meaningful engagement, increase the number of leads, and upgrade your company’s sales. On the whole, Pardot allows you to increase your company’s ROI by maximizing impactful outreach. It further assists you in sustaining your momentum through intelligent, insightful, and well-rounded reporting.  

Enhanced functionality by Salesforce Pardot 

Generate and Nurture Quality Leads 

Generating high-quality leads is the end goal for any marketing team. Salesforce Pardot helps you in achieving exactly this goal.  This it does by giving your company a unique and impressive outlook. You can now build impactful web pages with the Page Builder in Pardot. The process is also super uncomplicated and requires little or no IT expertise. Secondly, Pardot assists you in generating short but smart forms that leave the customer happy. 

You can run advanced searches to gauge the impact of your SEO and SEM practices. With Pardot you can integrate the Google Ads and see the return on your campaign in real-time. Similarly, you can now measure, track, and predict the impact of your social media campaigns using the tools given by Pardot. This enables you to run highly-effective campaigns.

The next step is to nurture the response your excellent social media marketing has garnered. Pardot helps you to sustain the interest by automatically sending out emails based on alerts set up by you. Similarly, it automates the process of following up on dormant leads while also giving you the data needed to analyze the engagement and investment across different leads. Pardot further analyzes the prospects of each lead and gives you a handy priority list. You can snag the hottest leads and make real-time progress.

It is easy to segment your leads based on different criteria set by your Marketing team. Pardot assists you in creating multiple dynamic lists. You can also create highly interactive and personalized content by further analyzing the content shared by your potential customers. This will lead to a higher conversion rate. 

Benefit from automated Email Marketing 

Pardot not only automates many of the processes of Email Marketing but it also gives you the tools necessary to craft visually compelling emails. You can use the customizable templates in Pardot to design the email that best represents your company. The formatting process is fast and hassle-free. You can also create emailing schedules and alerts and Pardot would send those emails at the indicated time. The option to test your emails beforehand is also available 

You can further optimize your Email marketing by using A/B test options given by Pardot to figure out what resonates the most with your audience. You can craft relevant emails and run tests to ensure that your emails do not land in spam folders. Pardot makes it very easy to customize the emails through segmentation. Signatures of campaign managers can also be added with little or no difficulty. 

Seamless alignment with Sales Departments 

Pardot supports a high level of collaboration across departments. Sales representatives can use Pardot to send out mini-email campaigns that are approved by the marketing department. This is going to enhance your marketing processes. Similarly, your company can track the emails sent using Gmail. You will also be alerted of the hottest prospects in the market in real-time. The alerts would give you an actual advantage as you can pitch your products or services to an already interested audience. The success rate of your Sales team is definitely going up.

The automated tracking process in Pardot allows you to monitor and make sense of lead’s behavior and interests. You can then tailor your pitch to the distinct needs of your customer. Similarly, through Pardot and Salesforce integration you can see the monetized value of each lead. This will give your sales department an unblinkered view of their goals and tasks.                                                                                                                                                                             

Make the most of Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is a brilliant intervention as it integrates artificial intelligence in your everyday projects. Similarly, Pardot Einstein allows you to get organized lead sheets. Pardot will intelligently and diligently manage your leads after analyzing the prospects. You only have to reach out to the hottest leads identified by Pardot. 

You will also see an immediate boost in your ability to close leads. Pardot analyzes leads to see how well they complement your company’s unique conversion patterns. Your sales team can expend more effort and time on leads that are the best match. Additionally, Pardot will give your brilliant and uncanny insights into customer behavior and your campaign.  

Salesforce Services Offered by Rolustech

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Our Two Bits!  

In addition to the benefits enumerated above, you can use Salesforce Pardot to generate well-rounded and holistic reports on your marketing efforts.  After analyzing the breadth and scope of tools shared by Salesforce Pardot, anyone would be inclined to use it. We are convinced Pardot is the best marketing solution. If you want to learn more about Salesforce Pardot or are looking to customize your Salesforce, feel free to reach out to us. 

Rolustech is a Certified Salesforce Partner and Consultant. We have helped numerous firms with Salesforce customization and integration. Get in touch for a FREE Business Analysis and hop on to Salesforce.