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eCommerce Platforms and CRM Integration Level up Your Online Store 1

The eCommerce landscape is growing at a pace unimaginable. As more consumers now prefer making a purchase online, the competition between different online retailers has increased. So, how can an online retailer provide value to its customers and stay ahead of its competitors?

It is widely known that the key for businesses to survive in the present times is to deliver meaningful customer experiences, increase consumer engagement and focus on retaining customers. As consumers now demand more personalized experiences and instant response, it is important to keep track of their interactions with your online store, have all data in a centralized place and keep up with the latest eCommerce essentials. Hence, the only way you can have a happy customer base in the present times is through eCommerce platform and CRM integration.  

In this article, we have highlighted the advantages of eCommerce and CRM integration, how the leading eCommerce platforms work best with CRM integration and which Retail CRM is the best for eCommerce platforms. 

So, Let’s get started! 

Advantages of CRM and eCommerce Platforms Integration

Increased Online Engagement

CRM for eCommerce business has been proven to increase online engagement. For example, with CRM and Shopify integration, you will never miss an opportunity of converting a lead. Through the data in CRM, you can make the right decision about when to offer discount coupons to a visitor. Moreover, you can also segment visitors to gauge user intent and show them the desired products at the right time.

Pull More Users to the Checkout Stage

It’s important for your business to grow and drive profits. Now, if you are attracting visitors to your Shopify eCommerce store but not getting enough conversions, that’s an alarming stage. By leveraging Shopify and CRM together, you can send customers personalized emails to finish their purchases.

Customer Data in One Place

Deal with customer requests in a better way by having all the customer data in one place with your CRM. This will result in instant response to customer queries and help in personalizing their experience with your online store. 

Seamless Order Management

After a visitor has made a purchase on your eCommerce platform, you need to put in all your effort to get it delivered on time. However, we understand it isn’t that easy as there can be order modifications or even cancellation. To provide value to your customers, you can leverage eCommerce CRM solutions and keep track of all the data regarding a customer and ensure customer support within your CRM.

Abandoned Cart Nurturing

Another highly useful eCommerce CRM solution is that it lets you have a clear picture of your customer’s behavior on the online platform. With the help of customer browsing history on eCommerce platforms and Google Analytics, you can interact with all the data in your CRM to figure out reasons for abandoned carts. The next step would be to send follow-up emails for abandoned cart nurturing.

Inventory Planning

Selling products through your online store can be challenging if you don’t have a proper inventory management system. However, with CRM and eCommerce integration, you can automatically update the stock levels and keep track of pickup points of different items being sold on your online store. 

Sales Forecasting

CRM in eCommerce allows you to create accurate sales forecasts through the data from your online store. Hence, it will give you a better idea of which products you should focus on and allocate budget on advertising to have an increase in your sales.  

Minimized Errors and losses

Errors in data entry from your online platform can directly impact the sales and other key performance indicators. With CRM and eCommerce integration, you can cut the hassle of manually entering data into spreadsheets and automate the cyclical tasks.

The Leading eCommerce Platforms and CRM

Leverage your CRM platform fully as it integrates seamlessly with the leading eCommerce platforms: 

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  •  Magento

CRM and Shopify Integration

A number of Shopify problems can be solved with the help of CRM integration. Wondering how? Well, the limit is only your imagination! CRM integration with Shopify can transform your online store through seamless processes by having all your data at a unified platform to deliver personalized experiences.

Leverage CRM and Shopify Analytics together

With your Shopify analytics, you can track the customer buying process on your website from an information search to purchase. Moreover, Shopify analytics gives you actionable insights about your visitors, store’s transactions and recent activity on your store.

Now, with CRM and Shopify integration, you will get the answers to all your questions that Shopify analytics couldn’t answer. You can seamlessly import all the data from your Shopify store in the CRM and analyze it thoroughly through interactive reports and dashboards.

CRM and WooCommerce Integration

Scale your eCommerce business and delight the customers by integrating your CRM with WooCommerce. Are you looking for ways to personalize web engagement and run smart marketing campaigns on your WooCommerce store? Let’s see how CRM integration will help you!

WooCommerce Customer Management with Relevant Tags

Does your team struggle with customer segmentation based on relevant tags? With WooCommerce and CRM integration, get to know your customers better and identify the right target market. Now, if you are using Salesforce, you can streamline customer management and invoice your customers on the go by syncing contacts and data between your CRM and WooCommerce platform.

CRM and Magento Integration

Magento is a powerful and open-source eCommerce platform that provides users a seamless customer experience. However, to extend its usage in an eCommerce platform, you can integrate your online store on Magento platform with a CRM platform. With CRM and Magento integration, you can increase online sales and nurture customer relationships.

We have already covered why Magento is a go-to eCommerce platform. Moreover, with data sync in your CRM, you can identify opportunities for up-sell, create personalized emails and automatically update products on your online store.

Why Salesforce is the Best CRM for eCommerce Platforms?

Being a leading CRM solution, Salesforce is a robust CRM platform with an intuitive user interface and empowers businesses to deliver meaningful customer experiences. By leveraging Salesforce, a number of companies have extended their eCommerce operations through seamless eCommerce and CRM integration. 

Salesforce allows users to seamlessly interact across teams and transforms the business through CRM integrations with multiple platforms for marketing automation, streamlining payments and billing, and increasing customer engagement. Moreover, Salesforce provides its users the flexibility to easily customize the CRM to fit their business needs and focus on what matters for their business. 

That’s a Wrap!

CRM and eCommerce integration will do wonders for your online store. As more and more online businesses are adopting Retail CRM solutions to optimize their eCommerce platforms, it is high time that you also leverage eCommerce and CRM solutions to up your business game!

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