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Inhance Technologies

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Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Inhance Technologies specializes in transforming conventional plastics into high-performance materials. The company provides customized plastic solutions to various industries such as automotive, construction, industrial, healthcare to name a few across the United States.


Since Inhance Technologies had a nationwide presence with a highly diversified product portfolio,  it realized the need of customizing its Sugar in order to have a centralized system through which it could conveniently manage its sales pipeline, accommodate diverse sales channels and generate custom reports for the senior management.

Constrained by its default SugarCRM, Inhance Technologies contacted Rolustech to determine the best course of action. After having multiple discovery sessions, our certified Sugar experts arrived at the conclusion to customize Sugar according to the requirements set forth by the management of Inhance Technologies


  • Theme customization to make the user interface more user friendly and visually appealing to assist the users as they navigate through Sugar.
  • Quote module customization to generate quotes depending on the particular industry the prospective client operates in and then track those quotes, thereby having a consolidated Quotation Management System.
  • Customized charts to evaluate the income generated against a particular quote.
  • Activity Report for admin to run a single report on all activities in SugarCRM. Activities include emails, tasks, meetings, notes, and calls.
  • Pipeline Report to view the revenue generated by each sales rep in each division of the company on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
  • Kinamu Reports plugin was installed and customized to empower the management to do an in depth analysis of the data present in the CRM.


Having worked with clients from all kinds of industry verticals be it healthcare, manufacturing, retail or others, our team provided a tailored solution to Inhance Technologies comprising a comprehensive set of modules that gave them complete command over their analytics. It led to more accurate financial projections and reports. A customized solution was built which standardized processes, streamlined operations and delivered real business benefits.

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