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MPower Energy is an energy services and solutions company which merges the power of the general energy grid with the flexibility and services of a private ESCO. Today it is one of the highest-rated energy providers in the tri-state area, directly purchasing and supplying energy to thousands of residential and commercial clients. MPower had adopted Sugar Professional as a CRM system to keep track of all its Accounts, Contacts and most importantly manage the Cases which were reported from different Accounts.


When Mr. Sam Yarmush, the Software Project Manager of MPower Energy approached Rolustech, he described that MPower needed a powerful Case Management solution along with other modifications in the system to integrate their business processes with the CRM. Rolustech ran some discovery sessions with MPower’s team before suggesting them a customized Sugar solution. This involved a completely customized case management system and extensive modifications in the Accounts, Customers and Invoices modules. Moreover, several process automations were proposed to make their system an ideal solution for providing exceptional customer service.   


  1. A robust Case Management System
  2. Workflow automations
  3. A new customers module
  4. Customized invoices and history modules
  5. Subpanel customizations


MPower, once satisfied with the Sugar expertise of team Rolustech, decided to give complete liberty to Rolustech to propose and implement the best customized solution on top of their Sugar. First of all, the team decided to build a complete case management solution.

On a daily basis, MPower received 7 different types of cases which had completely different natures and were dealt by different teams. In Sugar, out the box, there is only one case module which was unable to cater to MPower’s different case types. This caused discrepancies in invoices, billing, and approval/rejection requests, to name a few. Rolustech decided to develop individual modules for each case type. So whenever a particular type of case came, it was entered in its own module with all the fields needed to garner all the information related to the case. Then the case was assigned to the suitable team for resolution.

In order to map all business processes onto Sugar seamlessly, Rolustech knew it needed to implement some workflow automations which would help MPower’s team to stay on top of their jobs. Some of these automations are discussed below:

  • Every case had several different statuses. Whenever a case status was updated the system automatically created a historic event. These events helped the customer support reps to know about all previous activity on a particular case.
  • For some special categories, whenever the status changed to Accepted or Rejected, a task was automatically created for the customer representative who created the case to call the customer.
  • Other workflow automations included sending out automatic email notifications to customers whenever their case was resolved.

The Accounts module was customized to include more fields like Annual Consumption, Next Scheduled Read, Pricing Structure etc. Moreover, there were additional buttons that were added including ‘Activate Button’ which opened an account form and automatically populated the customer ID, account number and some other fields. Additionally, the search feature of the module was enhanced for more accurate and quick searching.

A Customer module was developed by Rolustech for MPower’s unique needs. In Sugar, only one account can be associated with a customer. Rolustech’s team modified the system to associate several different accounts with a customer as MPower’s customers had multiple accounts. A few new buttons were added to the Customers module including Activate, Escalate Issue and Email Materials which made the whole process much simpler for the MPower team.

The Invoices module was also tweaked to include more fields including Bill Date, Charge Type, Usage and Rate, etc. Also, the filtering ability of the system was enhanced to include more variables to filter against.

The History module was also customized to include new category events to it.  Along with this certain role based conditions were added which allowed only admins to modify the events.

Lastly, the subpanels of the History, Customer and Accounts Modules were customized to show only the relevant case related records in each module.


Once the case management and accompanying system was customized according to the exact requirements of MPower, the system became much more adaptive and solved much of the problems that MPower faced initially. Hence their team experienced much more productivity and efficiency.

The relationship between the MPower and Rolustech continues till date and both teams look forward to enhancing the capabilities of Sugar for MPower’s other business units.

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