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The Local Bark is a premier pet grooming facility for dogs located in Cordova, California providing boarding, training, grooming and caring services. Dogs can stay, play and learn while they are at the Local Bark. Pet owners need not worry about their dogs if they have to travel or there is an emergency where pets are not allowed. Moreover, dogs can also be dropped at the Local Bark if they have fallen ill or require any sort of training.


The owner of Local Bark was using a very basic version of Sugar 6 to manage the day to day operations of his pet care facility. However, he realized that getting his Sugar customized to add a few additional modules would aid him in take care of all the pets on his premises in a more systematic and coherent manner. This would also enable the company to deliver personalized customer service.



A series of discovery sessions took place after which it was decided to overhaul the following modules of Sugar 6:

  • Room allocation module- rooms of different sizes were available. The module keeps track of which room is allocated to a particular dog.
  • Alerts module to keep check if a dog needs immediate attention due to illness, injury etc.
  • Medication module lists the name of the medicine, its dosage, the time of day at which it needs to be given and the instructions on how to administer it.
  • Diets module lists the the diet, its amount & the time of the day at which it needs to be delivered to each pet.
  • Grooming module  lists the grooming services, their price and the time of day at which each grooming needs to start and end.
  • Training module lists the training service (group classes or private training), the name of the instructor assigned to a pet and the price of the service.


The customized modules aided the Local Bark in carrying out its operations in a more streamlined fashion. All modules could be viewed as subpanels on the homepage screen. The customized solution gave the owner the ability to view at a single click all types of services that were carried on a single dog. All activities that had to be performed against a dog be grooming, training or caring could be monitored and managed from with the CRM system. Pet owners were relieved of all their worries as their dogs were taken complete care of with utmost diligence.

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