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SuiteCRM Installation is a process full of intricate details and steps that need to be followed properly for a sustainable SuiteCRM Installation. Our SuiteCRM experts ensure you never have to move back and forth with your Installation. We utilize best practices and leverage our extensive experience to provide you the perfect SuiteCRM Installation.


The first step towards implementing a CRM for your business is a successful installation of the CRM on your desired hosting platform. We know that it can be a bit tricky to transfer your business processes onto a CRM, but our team is well experienced to make this transformation smooth and simple! From SuiteCRM download to SuiteCRM installation and post implementation support, our expert CRM consultants evaluate your business needs to ensure that your business operations become functional without any unnecessary delays.

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SuiteCRM Installation types

Following are the types of SuiteCRM installations:

  • Installation on client’s own server

Minimum Requirements (for latest version):
Head on over to SuiteCRM to take a look at other SuiteCRM Versions.

  • Installation on SuiteCRM servers

You can choose to have your SuiteCRM installed, hosted and supported by SuiteCRM itself. For more information SuiteCRM Hosting, follow this link.

  • Installation on Rolustech servers

Rolustech provides optimal hosting solutions to ensure that your SuiteCRM runs smoothly on our servers at all times. We understand that you cannot afford any delays and down-times in your business operations, so we take extra care of your hosting needs by constantly evaluating our servers. Our hosting support is available 24/7.