About Amer Wilson

Amer Wilson is a CRM consultant at Rolustech with over a decade’s worth of experience in the CRM industry. Amer currently runs the Rolustech blog and aims to provide expert advice and inspiration to small business owners through his posts. Amer regularly attends webinars from leading CRM providers to stay on top of the latest trends in CRM and, consequently, ensure that his readers can too. A strong believer in imparting the knowledge he has gained over his career, Amer is always willing to assist his co-workers in any way he can and has become our go-to-guy for all things CRM. When he’s not churning out new articles and directing the content strategy for our blog, Amer can be found pumping iron at the gym.

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Salesforce vs Odoo

To sell smarter and faster or to grow your business? The answer ultimately lies on one of the two ends: Salesforce or Odoo. Help understand which to follow.
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