OMVE designs, engineers, manufactures and supplies small-scale processing equipment for lab and pilot applications in the liquid food and food-related industries.
Founded in 1993, it has grown to supply complete process plants for the broadest range of liquid process applications on a small scale. It also delivers a wide range of in-house expertise, from R&D to electrical, mechanical and software engineers, making it a strong partner for development departments. It’s personalized, customer-focused approach enables it to confidently adapt its equipment to customer specific requirements.


OMVE were in need of a complete CRM setup from scratch. Sebastian contacted Rolustech about CRM Implementation and how to go about the whole process and a meeting was scheduled to properly understand the requirements. At that point in time, OMVE was physically managing all of their processes; a tedious and time-consuming task. They were in need of a number of CRM customizations i.e. Lead management modules, Opportunity Management modules, Ticketing system, Quote Creation module, Support portal, etc. OMVE was devoid of any digital invoice generation or Contacts Management functionality. A number of third-party CRM integrations were proposed to solve these issues. OMVE also needed a cross-platform email logging and tracking functionality that would log responses to emails in the platform as well.


Rolustech implemented all of the customizations and integrations mentioned. OMVE was also provided with a reporting module that made it considerably easier to manage and create reports. Functionality was added to allow users to distinguish between new and recurring customers. Previously, OMVE were only able to differentiate between the two through physical records. A customized out-of-the-box Quotes Module was added, tailored to meet their business needs. The email module was customized to add email logging and response logging. A customized and responsive theme was created and implemented to their CRM along with Quotes PDF generation.


OMVE were thrilled with their new CRM. It optimized and streamlined a number of their business processes thereby increasing productivity and organization. The CRM allowed them to document and keep record of all their business actions and allowed them to be independent of any physical nuisance. OMVE were delighted with Rolustech with regards to management of this project. A support contract was signed, paving the way for continued CRM support in the future

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