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Audio Geer

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Audio Geer, an independent manufacturer’s rep firm based in California, brings over 14 years of experience to the Professional Audio, Musical Instrument, Broadcast, Audio/Visual, Live Sound and Sound Contracting markets.


Audio Geer used to buy equipment from ten to twelve manufacturers and sell it to its clients. The employees were using excel sheets to manage all the interactions with the manufacturers and the clients and had no prior experience of using a CRM. As their client base expanded, excel sheets couldn’t handle the burgeoning operations and Audio Geer approached Rolustech for advice regarding how CRM could automate their business processes.

After conducting multiple discovery sessions to identify their exact requirements, we offered Audio Geer a custom built SugarCRM solution.


  • Our CRM experts set up Sugar so Audio Geer could have all the relevant information about the manufacturers and the clients in a single, centralized database.
  • From the client’s name to their website, from their billing address to their shipping address, every single detail could be viewed without any hassle.
  • All the orders and quotes requested by a client could now be easily seen along with the details of the manufacturer from whom the equipment was bought.
  • The company had set its own targets in terms of the revenue that it expected to generate from each manufacturer in a particular fiscal year. It could now evaluate its performance by comparing the revenue earned in the current and the past fiscal year.
  • Documents sent to clients such as promotions and discounts could be easily viewed and stored as PDFs.
  • The sales team could easily view the salesperson to whom a particular company had been assigned.
  • Various payment options were included for the convenience of the clients.
  • All the information such as sales history, product listings, accounts’ terms and conditions etc was made to sync with Sugar by running the ‘nightly job’ function.


Sugar was customized in a way that a single account could be associated with multiple manufacturers.

Orders could be generated for each manufacturer against any account having different product items. Moreover, orders could also be generated and sent to customers & copied to manufacturers from within Sugar.

Rolustech provided a gamut of features that streamlined Audio Geer’s business operations and boosted the productivity of its employees.

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