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Client's Profile

 Credaris is an independent credit service provider. Credaris offers you safe and easy access to loans. Safe because Credaris offers you reliable advice from experienced and competent loan experts. Easy because, at Credaris, the handling of your loan request is uncomplicated and fast

Need for a Solution

Credaris used an old legacy system and excel sheets to obtain potential leads, scrutinize them and pass them onto the banks. It resulted in the business process being not as effective as intended to meet customer’s needs. The company wanted to adopt an automated system that would substantially improve its business processes and help it achieve seamless communication between its clients and the banks. 

When Credaris approached us, the team at Rolustech offered it a discovery phase in which several detailed discussions took place to precisely define their objectives after which a proposal was prepared for an optimal custom-built solution on top of the SugarCRM framework.


  • Better UI
  • Improved lead management process
  • A lead qualification mechanism
  • Integration with a Risk Analysis Tool
  • Automated Workflows


  • We set up Sugar and built simple and intuitive UI so that the team at Credaris could have a single, centralized view of their entire loan management operations.
  • A number of additional entities were added in the CRM system, the most important ones being Lead Qualification and Risk Profiling.
  • A customization was achieved in Sugar, in which, based on a number of factors, it was determined whether a particular lead qualifies to apply for credit or not.
  • Moreover, a Risk Analysis tool was added in Sugar which would run on  the qualified leads.
  • The risk analysis tool enabled Credaris to improve its lead management by letting it decide whether a certain bank would be willing to and interested in lending to a lead. The criteria was decided, keeping in view certain factors e.g. credit history, cash flow history, collateral that is available to secure the loan, employment status, living expenses etc.
  • An automated process was achieved in which the leads who passed the screening test were notified automatically to submit a list of official documents which were logged in their documentation in the CRM. This documentation helped the consultant to lodge the applications with several banks.
  • Once a lead was matured, an automatic flow would trigger bypassing the entire cycle for repeat business. This way the company would be relieved of added documentation and processes.

Additional Customizations Achieved

  • ‘Document Management’ enabled them to convert all imported data into a PDF document, merge multiple PDF documents, change the ordering of a particular document, zoom and rotate pages and view thumbnails.
  • With ‘Email archiving’, they were able to archive their emails.
  • ‘Activities dashlet’ showed the information of all the user activities like calls made, calls received and tasks to be completed etc. It also displayed important information like number of contracts that were pending, completed and the number of consultants reached.
  • With ‘upload documents to file share’, a user could select and upload documents to FTP.


On the whole, a total of 16 different features were customized and added to  SugarCRM to assist Credaris in overhauling its credit management processes.

From lead evaluation to credit scoring, Rolustech provided a gamut of features that were unthinkable in the legacy system. It helped Credaris give exceptional customer experience to its clients and gave it an edge it needed to stay ahead of its competitors.

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