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FitSales is a Health, Wellness and Fitness company located in California. With its state of the art equipment, the club provides holistic fitness services including massages, swimming pool, basketball court, badminton court squash court, indoor cycling and yoga among other facilities that extend beyond the traditional gym concept.


The owner and CEO of FitSales initially approached Rolustech for a few minor customizations to the SugarCRM community edition. However, upon completion of those tasks, he was so impressed with the end result that he asked our development team to completely customize Sugar CE that would serve as an all encompassing tool to monitor and manage the complete business operations of his fitness club.

In order to prepare a detailed project plan, multiple discovery sessions took place between our project managers and the management of FitSales to work out their exact business needs and requirements. A step by step implementation plan was designed to ensure the successful completion of the project on time.


The following integrations were done:

  • ABC financials- a comprehensive billing services software that allows members to streamline their daily operations and add in their club information to access the financial system from anywhere via the internet.

  • ID scanner integration- this is a driving license scanning solution which involves a desktop licence scanner. The user places the license card in the scanner and the app provides the details such as the name and address of the user. This solution enables a new customer’s data to be added in the CRM system quickly and accurately.

  • Twilio integration- to provide a complete telephony solution. Twilio Voice to make and receive phone calls, retrieve call logs and view call recordings & Twilio SMS to send and receive SMS messages.

The following modules were customized:

  • Theme customization to make the user interface of Sugar intuitive and visually appealing so that it resonates with the employees and give their work a sense of purpose.

  • Tasks module to help users create and assign tasks. Users can relate it to a specific record such as a lead or a member and also revise the task status and priority at any time to keep records up-to- date.

  • Questionnaire module to gather information for particular modules. In general, questionnaire is designed for “Guests” and “Members” module.

  • Notes module to create, view, and import notes & attachments to records.

  • Guests module is designed for early contacts in the sales process. A guest can be a walk-in or on trial basis before officially becoming a member.

  • Goal and Target module is designed specifically for the sales department. Through this module, sales manager can set goals for the club and view their potential sales targets.

  • Calendar module enables users to schedule and manage activities such as calls, meetings, and tasks.

  • Appointments module to schedule, view and manage appointments. While scheduling appointment, you can also record subject of discussion, participants’ names and the status of meeting.

  • Marketing module for lead source analysis. Through this module, user can add marketing cost against each source and analyze earning  investment against a particular lead source.

  • Reports module to provide a feature-rich and user-friendly web interface for managing reports within the system. Customized reports facilitate staff members in monitoring ongoing activities, finances etc.


The project was spread over a time period of three years which involved on-site development and training. The assistance provided by Rolustech was impeccable. The customized solution had a gamut of features which aided the management of FitSales to comprehensively manage the business operations of their club and monitor the performance of their employees. A centralized, unified platform empowered them to adapt faster to the ever changing market dynamics and stay ahead of the curve.

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