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WK Marble and Granite Pty Ltd- Case Study

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Established in 1989, WK Marble and Granite Pty Ltd is a leading distributor of engineered and natural stone. It operates under two brand names: WK Stone and Quantum Quartz and distributes its premium range of products across Australia. WK had a team of several salespeople who managed key business accounts in their respective regions. The salespeople had to make regular visits to their vendors including daily, weekly and monthly visits. To manage its sales operations WK banked on Sugar Professional.


When Mr. Housham contacted Rolustech, he told that while Sugar fulfilled a lot of its requirements, WK’s management needed something much more visual to see the performance of its sales offices across regions. WK wanted its salespeople to see their respective accounts on Google Maps inside Sugar and also wanted to show their scheduled meetings with the vendors on Google Maps. WK was already using RT SalesMap- our plugin for Sugar and Google Maps- but wanted to customize the whole system to meet their specific needs.

Moreover, as its salespeople were always on visits, a desktop application did not suffice. WK needed a mobile application for the sales people on the go to navigate to their destination, meet the vendor, take meeting notes and navigate to the next meeting-using only their mobile application.


  • A customized Google Maps view inside Sugar
  • A Mobile App showing the daily roster to Sales reps
  • Reporting on the Scheduled Visits/Meetings
  • Roles and Privileges Configuration


After running the discovery sessions with WK to chalk out their high level requirements, Rolustech decided to start with the implementation process.

First of all, Rolustech customized the RT SalesMap plugin for WK. The customized version allowed the managers to see all the Accounts of the each selected sales rep on Google Maps with different colored pins. This made it easy for the Sales managers and the admin to visualize the assigned accounts to each rep in a particular region. Moreover, the managers could also track the current location of the sales rep on their Sugar instances.

Secondly, Rolustech developed a bespoke mobile app to let sales reps plan their daily schedule for the Accounts (vendors) to be visited. The criteria of the visit was determined by an algorithm which planned the schedules based on 8 hour work days. To do this, each account inside Sugar was specified as Platinum, Gold or Silver. Each of these accounts was associated with frequency of visits meaning that the sales rep will define recurring visit frequency anywhere from one week to six weeks. This would generate a schedule for the sales reps and pull it inside the mobile app for sales reps. The algorithm also allowed for the missed meetings to be rescheduled in the next available time slot.

Moreover, customized reporting was built for WK. These reports had a list of all the meetings the sales reps had during a particular week along with the deferred or rescheduled ones. This gave the sales managers a complete picture of the performance of all their sales reps.

Furthermore, as discussed in the discovery phase, Rolustech implemented a security group level access for the users. The sales reps could only see their own clients, leads or accounts on their map. The sales manager could view the map with all the Accounts, Contacts or Leads of the sales reps working under them and so on.


The key benefit accrued to the sales reps was enhanced productivity. The mobile app allowed them complete control over their visits starting from navigating to a client to adding all the information into Sugar while on the go. Managers, on the other hand, now had a complete picture of their business and could get better insights into the workings of their sales department and the performance of their sales reps.

The association between WK and Rolustech thrives. Both parties look forward to further their partnership and work on more exciting projects together.

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