5 Reasons Why the Call Center Industry Needs a CRM


Those who have worked at a call center know how frustrating and irritating it can get when you cannot retrieve the relevant information with the customer holding at the other end waiting to be served. To stay competitive and serve with excellence, you need a tool that gives 360 degree view of the customer life-cycle. Ask any customer service personnel and they will tell you that multiple tasks need to be performed at lightning speed to handle the large volume of requests being received every minute. If customers get the slightest hint that they are being neglected, they would lose faith and that would bring about a downright tsunami for your organization.

To forge a strong bond with clients, you need to automate your tasks so that you can focus all your energy on serving the customers. And what better tool is there that can do that than Customer Relationship Management software.  With a CRM in place, customer service reps can adapt faster, act smarter and achieve better outcomes. How? Let’s explore how.


1. Centralized Customer Data

Before the start of the call, the call center agent will have all the relevant data about the customer at his fingertips. The agent will know who the customers are and what he wants to be based on the past call history. This will shorten the duration of the call and enable the agent to serve the customer in a more personalized manner.

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2. Strategic Planning

CRM will provide management with real-time data that can be analyzed to optimize the performance of the organization. By monitoring data sets related to call volume, case times, up-sell rates, revenue per call etc. managers can devise strategies to retain clients and augment sales.

3. Automated Case Escalation

Serve customers in the queue with the highest priority first. There are always cases that demand immediate attention. Hence, a software is needed that can automatically route a call to the relevant customer rep. CRM enables calls to be transferred from one agent to another swiftly and smoothly.

4. Employee Evaluation

A call center simply cannot afford to have employees who are lazy or are not serving customers with sincerity. With CRM software, managers can keep track of the employees who are performing well and can arrange training sessions for those who aren’t.

5. Integration With Other Software

CRM can be easily and seamlessly integrated with other useful software that will result in increased productivity and enhanced efficiency. With better coordination among sales, marketing and customer service departments, the redundant task of opening multiple systems to find customer information is eliminated.

We can seamlessly integrate any third party software with your CRM to extend its functionality. Take a look at some of our plugins which can help streamline business operations!

Bottom Line:

In a call center, every call counts. Investing in CRM software will equip your employees with the right tools that are required in providing greater levels of customer satisfaction.




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